‘Bathukamma’ – A Rich Telangana Floral Festival Celebration @ Greenwood, Hasanparthy.

14/10/2023, SAT

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On the vibrant evening of Saturday, 14th October 2023, Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy, embraced the rich traditions of the Bathukamma festival with grandeur. The event witnessed the esteemed presence of the school directors, Mr. Challa Dharma Reddy and Mr. Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu, who graced the occasion as the chief guests.

Concise Glimpses of the ‘Bathukamma’ Festival

Festival Calendar and Duration :

Bathukamma is a Seasonal Extravaganza. The festivities span nine days, commencing with Mahalaya Amavasya, and culminating with “Saddula Bathukamma” on Ashwayuja Ashtami, celebrated two days prior to Dussehra. This prolonged celebration welcomes the Sarad or Sharath Ruthu, transitioning from the monsoon season or Varsha Ruthu.

Cultural Significance :

Embracing Telangana’s Cultural Heritage, Bathukamma embodies the cultural essence of Telangana. It is a vibrant tribute to Goddess Maha Gauri, affectionately known as “Mother Goddess come Alive.” She is revered as the patron deity of womanhood, symbolizing feminine strength and grace.

The Floral Masterpiece :

At the heart of Bathukamma is a remarkable creation: a seven-layer flower stack. This magnificent structure symbolizes a temple gopuram and is meticulously assembled using a variety of seasonal flowers. Many of these flowers are valued for their medicinal properties, adding depth to the cultural symbolism.

Official Recognition and Grand Celebration :

Bathukamma holds a special place in the heart of Telangana, recognized by the state government as an official festival. The government allocates a significant budget, further elevating the grandeur of the celebrations. Government offices actively participate, and the Special Chief Secretary to the Government of Telangana and government staff join the festivities.

Honoring Femininity and Tradition :

Bathukamma is not just a floral spectacle; it’s a tribute to femininity. Women adorn themselves in traditional attire and jewelry, embracing the rich cultural traditions of the region. It’s a celebration of the strength and grace of women.

A Reflection of Telangana’s Identity :

This vibrant festival, with its rich cultural tapestry and fervent celebrations, stands as a powerful reflection of Telangana’s identity. It resonates with the spirit, traditions, and strength of the people, making it an essential part of the region’s cultural heritage.

A Detailed account of Bathukamma Celebration @ Greenwood, Hasanparthy

Celebratory Commencement :

The day commenced with an aura of warmth and festivity as the directors extended their cordial greetings to both the students and their parents. Their greetings were a heartfelt anticipation of the approaching Bathukamma and Dussehra festivals, which set the tone for the day’s festivities.

Active Participation :

The directors, Mr. Challa Dharma Reddy and Mr. Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu, not content with being mere guests, actively immersed themselves in the celebration. They joined the students in playing traditional tunes and singing melodious Bathukamma songs, creating an atmosphere of unity and joy.

Cultural Insights :

To instill a sense of cultural awareness and significance, students were imparted with insightful knowledge about the Bathukamma and Dussehra festivals. The directors emphasized the deeply rooted cultural traditions and the spiritual connection between women and children worshipping Gauramma with unwavering devotion.

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Promoted Cultural Education :

Mr. Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu underscored the importance of instilling cultural traditions alongside modern education. He articulated that these traditions serve as a guiding light, ensuring a smoother journey through life within society. He emphasized that the children of today are the citizens of tomorrow, and it’s their duty to preserve and pass on these cultural traditions to the next generation.

Heartwarming Appreciation :

The school celebrated the artistic talent of its students as they showcased their creative skills by crafting intricate Bathukammas. Following a meticulous examination, deserving students were appreciated heartwarmingly by the chief guests and all dignitaries for their beautifully assembled Bathukammas.

Distinguished Presence :

The event was graced by the presence of other dignitaries, including the academic principal, Mr. VVV Naveen Kumar, the administrative principal, Mr. T. Mr. Pawan Kumar, Vice-Principal Mr. V. Suresh Kumar the General Manager, Mr. A. Prabhu Kumar, and Mr. Shaikh Rabbani, the Financial Officer of the school. Alongside them were dedicated teachers and enthusiastic students who collectively contributed to the event’s success.

Cultural Attraction :

A special highlight of the program was the girl students’ vibrant and lively participation in playing Bathukamma. Their enthusiasm and skill added a colorful and dynamic dimension to the celebration, making it truly unforgettable.

The Bathukamma festival celebration at Greenwood High School was a magnificent testament to the school’s commitment to preserving cultural traditions and fostering unity among its students and their families. The day was a remarkable blend of tradition, celebration, and enlightenment.

Reported by: G. Krishna Rao ( Dep. of  English)

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