‘ Aryabhata Ganit Challenge ‘ @ Greenwood hunter Road

Greenwood Group of Schools @ Hunter Road

The students of Greenwood high school excelled in Aryabhata ganit challenge 2022 conducted by the CBSE board for class 8, 9, and 10.

The math-loving students loved the great opportunity to showcase their mathematics skills. Around 100 students have participated in the exam which lasted for an hour and carried 40 marks. The students have used their sharp minds to full extent to write this challenging exam. The students seemed to have performed very well by using their ample knowledge.

This exam is conducted at school level from which 3 students will be selected for the next level which is going to be computer based test. The students are very eager to know their results.

 Reported by Aarnavi swaraj. J, Hasika. G, Vaishnavi.A

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