Bonalu Celebrations @ Greenwood Mancherial

Greenwood High School @ Mancherial

May this bonalu lights up for you, the hopes of happy times..
people of Telangana state in Ashada masam will pray of Ammavaru as (Ellamma, pochamma, maisamma etc..)

Celebration of Bonalu🌿 started by lightening of lamp by Mrs.Fareeda somani accompanied by the principal Mr. Chandramohan, Mr.Ayub baig..
Principal sir addressed the gathering and evoked the spirit of bonalu and using of natural anti-biotics…

Bonalu carnival began by the teachers along with Ghata and band..

Students orate cleared up the importance of Bonalu,and the day was celebrated with dazzling performances.

Parents responded enthusiastically and appreciated their participation in the programme.

This festival connected with the cultural roots and fostered a sense of pride and heritage.

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