Head Boy & Head Girl Election, 2023-24 @ Greenwood Erragattugutta

Greenwood High School @Erragattugutta

It has been a practice, well within the recommendations of the CBSE, to conduct the election for the positions of the Head Boy and Head Girl the top student hierarchy among the students of Greenwood.

The very objective of these election is to give an opportunity to the students to gain the first-hand experience of the fundamental system of democracy.

Like all the previous years, this academic year; 2023-2024, has also witnessed this noble experience of the students.

The role and importance of elections in the democracy was reiterated by our Director

Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu in the amphitheater of our campus in the evening of 02 July 2023.

The schedule of the election for the head Boy and head Girl was announced by our beloved Director Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu during the prayer meeting on 03 July 2023. The Schedule for the procedure of this election was announced on the same day. The team of officials responsible conducting this election freely and fairly was also announced.

As many as 24 boy students from the class 10 have submitted their nominations for the position of the Head Boy and as many as 13 girl students from the class 10 have submitted their nominations for the position of the Head Girl.

All these nominations were scrutinized and counter checked by a panel of teachers. After this scrutiny and counter check the nominations of 6 boys and 6 girls have been accepted. Eventually only two boys and two girls have stood for the election as the other candidates have withdrawn their nominations. 

Soon, the final list of candidates for election was announced and these candidates were introduced to all the students by the Principal on 05 July 2023 during the Prayer Meeting. The election symbols were also allotted. These candidates then interacted with the students from the same platform and staked their claim effectively.

And, yes! The canvasing started with colourful posters and pocket symbol labels. All the candidates met the voters in the dormitories and in the corridors in the free time. All the candidates with their supporters were allowed to visit the classrooms for requesting for the votes.

The election campaign ended in the evening hours of 10 July 2023. All the election fervor then reached a state of silence of expectations.

The Big Day; 11 July 2023, the day of election has brought the excitement and hopes back into the faces of all the students. As many as 5 polling booths were arranged with a team of as many as five polling officials of different cadre and two polling booth agents one each from the supporters of the candidates. Boys and girls have separate polling booths.

The polling began at 09.30 in the morning. All the polling booths were secured by the NCC cadets of our School under the eagle eyes of a team of three observers chosen from the administration and teachers.

The polling was very well organized and went on very peacefully till 03.00 p.m.

All dignitaries from the management and administration, teachers and the support staff exercised their voting right.

The Members of the Election Commission and Election Officials

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