Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks to it.

What is a better way to encourage a child to think with scientific curiosity than to organize a science fair?!

Keeping these thoughts in mind, Abhyaas The Global School organized a science fair, aptly called BRAIN RAIN. Sri. R. Venkata Ramana, the DEO(District Education Office), West Godavari,  graciously agreed to be the chief guest on the occasion.

Excitement spilled all over the third week of March as the school campus witnessed a lot of hustle and bustle in preparation for the Science Fair.

Enthusiastic kids right from Class 1 to Class Jr 10 began earnestly by gathering their favorite topics, working on their project models and finally, polishing their verbal  presentation items and their body language.

Highlights of the “BRAIN RAIN”

‘Bites and Bikies’ – a Snake and ladder game with a difference. The huge grids of the game were marked on the assembly ground. The game can be played by a multiple players. Each player will move forward depending on the number shown on the oversized dice. They move upwards or downwards depending on whether they climb up ladders or are bitten by snakes. Every square has pictures of either healthy or junk food items. Very interestingly, the base and tip of ladders have pictures of healthy foods whereas the heads and tails have pictures of junk foods. The players are presented with happy smiles of SAD and Happy expressions, depending on the squares they are standing on. The player with the maximum number of happy smiles is the lucky winner. The intention of his game is to integrate healthy foods habits into a fun filled game.

Role play on the working of our Solar System by kids of Class-3

The Functioning of the Solar System including man-made satellites and rockets was another highlight in the Space Mission Section.

The Acid rains, the Science behind Black Magic and a Water rocket were like cherries on the cake.

On display in the ‘Forest Section’ of the fair were: different types of soil, aquatic life, desert life, village life with animal husbandry and a forest surrounded by hills and waterfalls.

In the ‘Diagnostics Section’, students explained about the working of kidneys and the human digestive system, usage of first aid, parts of the brain and the human eye. A group of children checked the BP, Random Blood Sugar levels and confirmed the blood groups of interested and willing parents.

In the ‘Human Anatomy Section’, children explained about the different systems in the human body, types of teeth, the difference between plant and animal cells.  They also demonstrated how the joints in our body work.


Dear Parents, Admissions are open now.

On display in the ‘Powerful Physics Section,’ were working models on light and shadow, air cooling system, working of a hydraulic JCB and hydraulic LIFT, different types of simple machines using different types of LEVERS, PERISCOPE, and KALIEDOSCOPE along with SOLAR AND LUNAR eclipses.

Visitors were invited to play where in level 1, they had to recognize the types of musical instruments and in level 2, they had to match the sources of sound with the given sound decibels. In level 3, they had to try moving a wire loop through a wire without touching it. A beep sound tells that they have lost the game.

In the ‘Colourful Chemistry Section: were working models of a WATER, BURGLAR and EARTHQUAKE alarm, water purifier, drip irrigation, volcanic eruption, types of forces including centrifugal force and  fertilization and also different methods for preservation of food.

The primary students competed with their seniors with their numerous exhibits. They caught the attention of the visitors with their charm and enthusiasm.

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