Tokens of Appreciation for Selfless Service

An eventful journey in the life of many a student of Class 10 comes to an end, marking the beginning of another elsewhere in a college. It is time for the Greenwood family to bid farewell to those students with hearts laden with nostalgic memories and many shared anecdotes.

Service and helping and doing the needful when time demands is one virtue we would like to see in children.

All the members of our School Cabinet exhibited the finest capacity to take initiative and willingness to serve expecting nothing in return. Their wonderful efforts in making School Prayer Meetings each morning is praiseworthy indeed. 

The brilliance they exhibited while making the arrangements for the Winter Sports Carnival was highly commendable. The initiative taken and creativity shown while arranging many a school function like National Festivals and such other festivals was highly laudable. 

Student Cabinet Members (Girls)

Head Girl (K. Jhashmitha )

Discipline Secretary ( D. Tanisha )

Education Secretary ( R. Neeraja Akshaya )

Communication Secretary (K. Yuga Sri Bhavitha )

Sports Secretary (K. Reethu Patel )

Cultural Secretary (D. Anjana Bhavya Sri )

Health Secretary (J. Siri )

House Secretary (P. Harshini )

Event Secretary (Y. THARAINYA )

Food Secretary (D. Hasritha )

Swaach Secretary (K. Laxmi Priya)

Student Cabinet Members (Boys)

Head Boy (L. Karthik )

Discipline Secretary (Aman Thakur )

Education Secretary (B. Dheeraj )

Communication Secretary (T. Ashwanth)

Sports Secretary (T. Anirudh Sharma)

Cultural Secretary (K. Naga Siddartha)

House Secretary (A. Yashwanth )

Event Secretary (Ch. Sai Nikhil)

Food Secretary (K. Varun)

Swaach Secretary (L. Ayush Naik)

House Captains (Girls)

Trishul House Captain (R. Sai Srujitha)

Prithvi House Captain (M. Sanjana)

Brahmos House Captain (K. Trishika)

Agni House Captain (J. Bhuvana)

House Captains (Boys)

Trishul House Captain (K. Stalin)

Prithvi House Captain (A. Sudeep)

Brahmos House Captain (S. Deekshith)

Agni House Captain (G. Abhiram)

Opposition Leaders

M. Nishindra Reddy

M. Hansika

Many a time in many a place such admirable work seems go unnoticed; but, not in Greenwood.

Recognizing the hard work and service of our out-going Greenwood Cabinet Members our beloved Director, Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu garu has showered appreciation in plenty on such wonderful students by giving them well-designed certificates as tokens of sweet memories and sovereigns to cherish for times to come.

3 thoughts on “<strong>Tokens of Appreciation for Selfless Service</strong>”

  1. 1) My school is one of the most prestigious schools in warangal city
    2) My school is a two-storey clean and beautiful building
    3) Iam very thankful to my school ✨
    4) My school always tries to keep us (see us) in high position
    5) Our school promotes us by our skills 😻

    1. You are right my friend Ayush!
      Our school learnt us the value of food!
      Value of education!
      Leadership qualities!
      And learnt us what is society!
      And learnt us how to be Physically & mentally strong in any hard situation !
      Thank you Greenwood 💚

    2. You are right my friend ayush!
      Our school learnt us the value of education
      Value of food!
      Leadership qualities
      & also they learnt us how to be in society!
      Ethics emotions
      We miss u Greenwood but thank you for the memorable moments 💚

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