Bullying, an Intolerable Hazard

Founder’s Pen ( Sunday )

This week, I would like to address a matter of great concern – bullying within school premises. Fortunately, we do not face this problem in any of our Greenwood Schools. Still, I feel compelled to pen these few words that may be of great help to one and all in case of need.

Bullying is a grave issue that not only affects the immediate well-being of the victims but also has long-lasting impacts on their emotional, psychological, and academic development.

Bullying takes various forms, from physical to verbal, and now even in the digital realm. So, recognizing signs of bullying is crucial – look for changes in behavior, reluctance to attend school, unexplained injuries, or a drop in academic performance.

Once identified, it’s essential to handle bullying with sensitivity and utmost care. Open communication channels are the key – encourage students to confide in parents, teachers, or counsellors. Educate them about the difference between tattling and seeking help.

As responsible educators and parents, it is our duty to create an environment that is safe, inclusive, and free from fear for our children wherever they are.

I would like to reiterate the fact that parents’ involvement is crucial. Monitor your child’s behavior and encourage positive interactions. Together, we can create an environment where bullying has no place, and our children can grow with confidence and compassion.

Thank you for your unwavering support in all our endeavours.

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