“India on the Moon: A Spectacular Event Celebrating Chandrayaan’s Triumph”

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On a day filled with excitement and pride,The Greenwood school campus,Mancherial witnessed a remarkable event titled “India on Moon,” which celebrated the significant achievement of India’s space agency, ISRO, with its Chandrayaan missions. The event was graced by notable dignitaries including Principal Mr. Chandramohan, Mr. Ayub Baig, and ACO Mrs. Fareeda Somani, who underscored the significance of this monumental achievement.

The event was gracefully hosted by the charismatic anchors Aaradhya and Keerthipriya, who eloquently shed light on the importance of the Chandrayaan missions. They emphasized how these missions marked India’s entry into the league of spacefaring nations and showcased the country’s prowess in space technology.

The teachers, Ms. Tejaswi and Ms. Shaheen, kicked off the proceedings by introducing the brilliant minds behind ISRO’s success. They introduced the ISRO team members who were part of the Chandrayaan project, including


1) Harshith from 4 th Lily as ISomanath Chairman of ISRO.
2) Anurag from 4 th Rose as Veeramuthuvel, Project Director

3) Ananya from 4th Rose as Kalpana Kalahasthi Deputy Project Director.

4) Adwik from 4 th Lily as Sankaran, Satellite Center Director.

5) Karthikeya Ram from 4 th Rose as member of ISRO TEAM.

6) Karthik Nandan from 2 nd Lily as Astronaut.

7) Arjun Reddy from 2 nd Lily as Astronaut

8) Karthika from 2 nd Lily as Star.

each representing different aspects of the mission, from project direction to satellite management.

A remarkable sight greeted attendees as badges, thoughtfully prepared by students under the guidance of their teachers, were displayed on the dais class-wise. These badges served as a visual representation of the students’ enthusiasm and support for India’s space endeavors.


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Elegantly crafted models of Chandrayaan adorned the venue, showcasing intricate details of the spacecraft. The event gained an academic touch as children took the stage to deliver speeches on various topics related to space exploration. Noteworthy speakers included M. Himadri, A. Manaswi, M. Rithwika, B. Vidhathri Patel, P. Midhinsh, G. Shreeyan Saatvik, K. Vihan, and V. Krishin. Their articulate speeches reflected their deep understanding of the subject matter.

Teacher Mrs.Niharika, too, graced the stage with her insights, providing context and perspective on the immense effort that goes into space missions and how they inspire generations to dream big.

A highlight of the event was the awe-inspiring rocket formation performed by the children. This display of unity and creativity symbolized the spirit of exploration and innovation that Chandrayaan embodies.

The event’s success was further amplified by the contributions of Art teacher Mr .Suresh and PT Mrs. Chaithanya.

The program came to end by the heart felt vote of thanks presented by the anchors Keerthipriya and Aaradhya.

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