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# Save the Girl child# #Educate the Girl child#

Violence against children is widespread and remains a harsh reality for millions of children from all socio-economic groups in India. The girls in India face early marriage, domestic abuse, sexual violence, violence at home and in school, trafficking, online violence, child labour and bullying. All forms of violence, abuse and exploitation have lifelong consequences on children’s lives. 

Violence takes place in all setting: at home, school, childcare institutions, work and in the community. Often violence is perpetrated by someone known to the child. 

All children have the right to grow in a safe and nurturing family environment. Yet, across the world, children continue to be separated or are at a risk of being separated from their families. These children include those living on the streets, transport terminals, and childcare institutions as well as child workers or child victims of human trafficking. 

 In the absence of viable options, institutional care is the primary response for children in such situations. But as responsible adults we must do our part in educating our teenagers, especially our innocent little ones who don’t know how to express their fears.

Education starts at home and is taken to a higher level at schools and colleges. It is our collective responsibility as parents, teachers and school management to ensure that our wards are aware of the negative side of our society as prevention is always better than cure.

As per the level of the child’s understanding capacity, he or she must be warned against kidnappers and sexual abusers. Awareness about good and bad touch, over familiarity, blackmailing, bullying must be discussed both at school and at home. This is possible only when the child is comfortable and able to confide with us. This rapport needs to be built by us continuously as it is not a once in a while affair.

Vigilance is the need of the day as once the horrendous deed is done, there is nothing left to do but lament.

Anger and shock at child sexual abuse and violence against children are not enough. We all need to come together to #END# violence against children. 

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  1. Girls are pillars of society. Continuation of life is not possible without them. A small girl child can be a good daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother in the future. If we kill the girls before birth or do not take care of them after birth then we will not get a loving daughter, sister, wife or mother in the future.

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