POT LUCK LUNCH -“Chinnari Nestham – Cherigiponi Sneham”

Abhyaas The Global School @ Bhimavaram :

On the occasion of ‘Garden Party’ as it is ‘Karthika Masam’ Abhyaas the global school came up with an innovative idea.

Children across the grades were informed that their lunch boxes would not be relished by them as usual, but by their lucky schoolmates as the lunch boxes would be distributed randomly to the children. It also meant that they too would be eating lip-smacking food prepared by somebody else’s loving mother. This thought drove the children to get their favourite food prepared by their mothers.

The children in a festive mood fed food to each other and to their favorite teachers sitting on lush green meadows and under shady trees.

Next, they rocked the ground by shaking a leg to their favorite songs. Both dancers and spectators enjoyed themselves thoroughly. At one point, a sudden, invigorating breeze dispersed leaves from nearby trees on the dancers and spectators so much that students were commenting that nature too was enjoying itself. But the fun didn’t end there because the sprawling grounds were inviting the children to play games of their choice, with friends of their choice irrespective of age or gender.

The hidden motive behind organizing this Pot Luck Lunch was to encourage and inculcate positive habits of sharing and caring for their fellow beings, crossing man-made barriers of religion, caste, gender, age and status. The facial expressions and undiluted joy gave evidence to the fact that the “Pot Luck Lunch” was a grand success with a great motive.

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