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Assessing Students…Post Corona…

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An exam tests how the student has performed on a distinct day. It is not a genuine source of grading a student’s knowledge and intelligence. If a student scores well all year but disappoints to perform well on the day of the exam due to any reason, would that mean lack of performance of the student or lack of knowledge of the student on that day? One should think of answering this themselves and then comprehend how fairly students are assessed based on a piece of paper.

Every year millions of learners around the globe take exams, and most of them work hard and struggle to accomplish good grades because they desire to prove they are the best. This competition encourages students to work harder and acts as a motivation for them. The most significant part is that students learn to manage competition which they are unquestionably going to face later in life.

Practical exams strengthen confidence and dispense the real picture of the individual. Learning and reading technical lines from the book can make the individual think that they are equipped to face challenges in life but practicing it in real life shows how much more they need to work.

In order to score well, students usually focus more on rote rehearsal and ignore the concepts. They do receive good grades, but the price is the reduced knowledge because, after some days, most students forget what they learned, and the effort of schools/colleges goes down the drain. This approach minimizes the practical capabilities of students. The grades these students gain in exams won’t guarantee success in practical life!

As soon as the season of the exam arrives, it brings stress and anxiety with it. The stress of scoring well in an exam and the anxiety of failing an exam can make life very challenging for students. Some stress is necessary to motivate students to study, but extreme stress can lead to increased blood pressure and other serious health issues.

During exams, the child may fear about receiving bad grades, which destroy their happiness. A distressed child is more likely to get depressed, and this can be very harmful to their health. Depression originated by exams can have a very adverse impact on the child’s being!

 The learning capacity is different for every child. A significant problem caused by examinations is the comparison that is created between children/students, ignoring the fact that all individuals are distinct from each other. Some students learn new concepts efficiently, while others are more skilled at sports.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that Examination can energize students, rendering them motivation to learn things. Quite like games, exams also generate competition among students. Exams are a push and pressure that every student necessitates in life. Exams examine not only a student but also improve their knowledge.

Hence as parents and Educators, it is more important to strike a balance and create better learning environment for children both at School and at Home….

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