Educational Trip for class 6-8

An educational trip is very useful. It enables the students to visit different places. They learn many things when they go to various places. The educational trip enriches their knowledge and broadens their outlook.

This year Greenwood High School had organized an educational trip on 7th and 8th December 2022 for students of grade 6 – 8 .

The trip was divided into 2 days

( Day 1 : All the Grade 6th student and 2 section of 7th )

( Day 2 : All the Grade 8th students along with the other 2 section of 7th)

Students and parents were informed about the trip one week in advance.

Our ACO Harshavardha  sir personally informed all the section of 6th 7th & 8th about the trip and the details that were to be kept in mind during the journey. 

Students were told to bring snacks and lunch as the trip duration was 7 hours. 

On the fixed days students had gathered in the school ground and boarded the bus at 9 o clock, along with their guide teachers. Five busses were allotted for the  students followed by 2 guide teacher per bus. Finally  We hit the road. 

First, the students were taken to Regional Science Center which is 3.6 KM from school. There they saw many different experiments. working models, machines and theoretical projects as well. 

What excited the students most was a machine where they could  check their weights on different planets of our solar system. 

They got to experience different illusions and see the model of a human DNA. 

They also learnt how 3 Dimensional images actually look 3D and the theory behind it. 

By the time the tour of the Science Center was done it was almost 12 o clock. Students had their snacks in the rest area, played some games and looked around, they also found some weight lifting equipment which were connected to science topics. 

The second part of the tour began at 12:30 as the students boarded the busses and began the journey to Nagarjuna Milk Product Dairy which is approximately 30 KM from the Regional Science Center. It took us about 1 hour to reach the Dairy. As soon as the busses reached students and staff had lunch from 1:30 to 2:00. 

Finally the tour of the dairy farm started. Students were divided into groups of 4 to enter the dairy and explore the process: How the milk is heated in bulk, how the sweets are made, how paneer is processed and stored. They also showed the equipments used for the chill room, where all the frozen items are stored.  

After the tour, students purchased yummy and tasty flavored milk ( Badam and pista) and  ate doodh peda sweet which was made fresh in the dairy. The manager treated the students with a glass of milk and biscuits after the tour. 

We called it a day and 1st bus left the dairy around 3:15 followed by other busses in the interval of 5 minutes each. ACO Harshavardhan Sir and Srikant Sir guided the students all along  and made the trip easy going. 

Students really enjoyed the trip and learned many new things during the tour. They also made the journey to and fro really lively with many different games played throughout. It was indeed an unforgettable trip. 

We thank the management for organising this Educational Field Trip for the students. 

(Ms Rida – English Department)

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