From the founder’s pen..

What does discipline mean?

Being an educator is it important to punish or provide a chance to be rectified???…..
Does punishing children work??…….

Does punishment changes the Child’s behaviour??
Yes, but only for brief time. It might help teachers and parents to believe that they have control on their child for a while, until the next misdeed .usually children will continue to do the same thing they were punished for.

Hence discipline is not taught, it is “learnt” .Discipline is an “attitude”, it is about “character “, a “responsibility” and a life time “commitment”.

The time has come to re-examine the saying ‘spare the rool and spoil the child’. Children are at the receiving end both at their own homes and schools.

Children not only carry the knowledge that we share but also the brunt of anger for being punished for silly reasons. one being a parent or a teacher should remember that we are training children not an army.

One of the trouble with punishment as a way to teach a proper social behaviour, aside from the infliction of pain, is that it makes children feel weak and incapable? They learn to submit to authority and power, to obey. By being punished they become inferior beings they do not develop the power of human individual to “love and trust “ others.

Reflect on the main difference between “Discipline and punishment” are we teaching children a new behaviour or fear?
Introspection is the need of the day.

Discipline invokes the thinking brain, while

Punishment impacts the emotional brain.

16 thoughts on “From the founder’s pen..”

  1. Discipline is not taught,
    it is “learnt”.
    Discipline is an “attitude”,
    it is about “character “,
    a “responsibility” and
    a life time “commitment”.

    Excellent words…

  2. This msg is very imp to all parents and teachers. If we are punish the child’s, they are act front of us. But really they do again n again mistakes. So plz tell them how to do, and how to behave. This all things depending on parents only. This is my intention only.

  3. Swarnalatha Miriyala

    Until know as a teacher or parent many of us are making this simple mistake of giving punishments to children to bring change in them . But, this is an eye opening message for many of us to change our perspective towards punishing kids and start making kids understand what discipline really was. I hope all parents as well as teachers start understanding and stop punishing kids .

  4. Yes punishment doesn’t change the child’s behaviour moreover it misleads the child into a bad way… teaching a child by understanding his/her mentality will work

  5. Punishment develops negative behaviour and child focus on to escape from the punishment.
    Discipline develops self discipline,it makes them good adults.

  6. Punishment makes them fear about the teacher as well as subject also. By motivating with some activities or showing some dramas they can understand easily how they have to be and how the discipline help them in their growth in studies and daily life too.

  7. I agree with this message … as I believe that we can change students mind set only by making them learn and understand what discipline is… not punishing them

  8. Don’t punish children with any small mistake.Tell them how to do and how to behave. Sometimes punishment is good because when we punish the children don’t repeat same mistake.

  9. No,punishment does not bring child’s discipline,it show very bad impact on a student,motivation makes a best improvement in child

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