G-Times, Greenwood’s Magazine, is launched in Hunter Road Campus

G-Times, the much awaited magazine of Greenwood High School is launched by honourable Director Sir Shri Dr . G Bharadwaja Naidu gaaru, at the Hunter Road Campus of Greenwood High schools. Director Sir unveiled the logo and launched the website with the url www.gtimes.in
CAO Prabhu Kumar Sir, Principal Manjula Devi, Vice-Principal Mahender, and ACOs K. Srikanth and K. Harshavardhan are present on the occasion, and cheerfully applauded the new initiative.

Director sir encouraged all the students to visit the website during the holidays. Also, he mentioned how Greenwood High School recruited, for the first time, an engineer to look after the software related matters of GTimes. He also introduced Software Engineer & SMM Mr. Naresh and appreciated his efforts in turning Gtimes a reality in a short time.

Addressing the gathered students on the occasion, Director Sir Bharadwaja Naidu mentioned how Greenwood is always ahead of others in taking student and parent friendly initiatives. Gtimes, the online magazine is accessible to all students and parents with a few clicks. He underlined that all can easily access academic calendar, student cabinet details, regular updates about various school programs, and different activities taken up in the school, etc.

The portal will also host a Students Blog where students can write about their school, life and on such issues that are relevant to their peers and useful to society in large, he underlined.

Director Sir concluded his speech wishing everyone present a Happy Dassara.

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