Green Day Celebrations @ Abhyaas The Global School

Abhyaas The Global School @ Bhimavaram, AP

The first of June 2023 seemed to be as if it was springtime. There was a burst of green colour everywhere at Abhyaas the global school as the tiny Gems and Jellies as well as the  super tiny Cherries and Berries celebrated Green Day in their own style.

The tiny nightingales wearing green clothes sang a lovely rhyme ‘Do you like the colour green?’, showing off their vocal skills to their beloved Principal Mr. Valavala Satyanarayana.

The little ones cleverly identified all the green coloured toys, vegetables and fruits that were spread out across their classroom. The teachers took this occasion as an opportunity and left no stone unturned to spread awareness amongst the little ones to protect our nature as it is the basis of our life.

2 thoughts on “Green Day Celebrations @ Abhyaas The Global School”

  1. Very much impressed with the work and energy shown by each and every Child.
    Abhyaas, keep on rocking like this👏👏👏👏

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