Ensure Child’s online Safety  and Safeguard the Childhood

Do you monitor your child’s online activities?

Many of us do not, for the good reason of not encroaching into child’s space or not to meddle with their privacy. But, it might leave your child in distress for the reasons of   online harassment, abuse, and bullying. Have you ever thought about it?

Easy availability of mobile devices and increased internet connectivity has definitely democratized access to information, particularly to students, but the same also made children more vulnerable. The anonymity the internet and social media offers make everyone take anyone’s identity online and get in touch and engage in conversation with everyone.

Young children, prone to easy influence, are at the risk of getting in contact with wrong people who predate the vulnerable. Also, with easy spread of memes and caricatures online, the classroom issues are often finding a venting on social media platforms. Cyber bullying is on the rise all over the world for the same reasons.

Some students, when snubbed or rejected, are resorting to spreading false information about people in class and school online groups, which are widely in use over various social media platforms causing mental agony and trauma.

Even WhatsApp is a potential source for misguiding the children as many fake things and propaganda can be easily circulated over it. Making the child to learn to verify before believing anything circulated on WhatsApp to be true is the way to save children from undue influence.

Since various dangers are lurking over the social media, it is better to keep a tab on children’s online activities but without encroaching into their space. Also, speaking to children about the possible dangers over the social media and internet and making them aware of the need to be vigilant is advisable.

The best thing would be creating a healthy atmosphere at home where these issues are openly discussed and remedial measures proactively sought.

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