Greenwood High School’s Educational Trip for Nursery, LKG & UKG.

Greenwood High School, Gopalpur,
were taken for a visits to “Places of Worship ” in the neighbourhood.
Here’s a glimpse of their exciting journey:

  • Gurudwara :
    The first stop on the itinerary was the serene Gurudwara. Students experienced the peaceful ambiance, learned about Sikh traditions, and were treated to the warm hospitality of the Sikh community. The visit provided a valuable opportunity for cultural exchange and understanding.
  • Church:
    The students witnessed the beauty of Christian religious practices, admired the architecture, and engaged in conversations with the church staff. The visit encouraged an open dialogue about different faiths and the importance of tolerance.
  • Masjid:
    The educational journey continued with a visit to the masjid in Chowrastha. Students gained insights into Islamic practices and observed the architectural beauty of the mosque.

  • Thousand Pillar Temple :
    A historical and architectural marvel awaited the students at the Thousand Pillar Temple. Exploring the intricate carvings and learning about the temple’s rich history added a cultural dimension to the trip. The teachers shared information on the site they were going to visit. They were also taught to love and respect every religion.The students were very inquisitive and their inquitiveness was satisfied when they actually visited these religious places.
  • Z00 PARK (Vana Vigyan) Hunter Road:
    The final destination was the vibrant Z00 PARK, also known as Vana Vigyan, at the Hunter Road. Students immersed themselves in nature, discovering various plant species and learning about environmental conservation. The park visit aimed to instill a sense of responsibility towards the environment from a young age and had enjoyed lunch together.

This educational trip not only broadened the students’ horizons Greenwood School remains committed to providing holistic learning experiences that go beyond the classroom, and the perspective of students were enhanced when they actually visited these places of worship to understand that God is one.

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