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Club activities assist students to cultivate a sense of unity and work with others in reaching the same goals. Students develop social skills: Clubs facilitate students to meet, mix, and work together with other students from different backgrounds in a diverse environment.

Keeping this in view the English and Social teachers at Abhyaas the global school conducted a few activities to enhance soft skills in the children. Students across Grades I to 9 have enthusiastically participated in the activities.

As part of Social Science activities, Tiny T. Suhas Ram, D. Relina Princess and Y. Anjana Sri of Oceanic – 1 came up with a conversation about plants.

Little J. Reuel Shekhar  and G.Sudheer Varma of Tender – 2 spoke about the difference between clean drinking water and dirty water.

Prudhvi Raj, Ranveer and Rithika of Class 3, spoke on the topic, ‘Solar System’.

Students of Grade – 3 came up to recite the different states in India with their states:

Abhijna spoke about the Northern states while Gautam Chandra spoke about the Southern states. G. B. T. Karthik spoke about the Eastern & Central states while Swaroopa Rani spoke about the Western  states.

Finally, Revanth Avinash spoke about the North eastern states.

Amrutha, Bhargav Sai, Bhargav Amruth, Lakshmi Sruthi, Harshith Varma and Prem Tej of Class 4 spoke about the  physical divisions of India.

Mokshjna, Chandni, Akshay, Raghu Ram, Rushitha and Meghana of Class 5 spoke about continents while Jaswanth, Akshitha Geethaanvitha and Ritesh spoke about oceans.

Jessika, Mokshjna, Chandu and Raghuram of Furious 5, spoke about volcanic eruption

Renuka, of Grade 6 IIT explained about the solar system while Pavan Kumar of Grade 7 IIT recited the names of all the Indian states and their capitals.

Ramakrishna and Deepak of Grade 8 IIT spoke about the Fundamental rights expounded in the Indian Constitution.

Likhita and Saraswati of Naive 9  read out the Preamble and explained it word by word.

As part of English club activities, the tiny tots S. Dakshayani, M. Guna Sai Srinidhi, A.Y. Sri Sai, P. Kavya Sri and M .Ghanan Karthik of Oceanic -1 sweetly lisped the Vowels song.

M. Abhiram Varma and J. Reuel Shekhar of Tender-2 together described a few objects.

T. Harshitha, T. Lohitha, J. Reuel Shekhar  and M. Abhiram  Varma of Tender-2 recited the singular and plural forms of some nouns.

B. S. D. Karthik and K.Gowtham Chandra of Grade 3 shared a few words and their opposites

Prudhivi Raj and Tanuj Varma of Grade 3 discussed the situations where we use the terms ‘May I ask?’ ‘Could you please?’.

Harshith of Class 4 told a beautiful story About Sheba and the Monkey while, Prem Tej and  Bhargav Sai spoke on Dussehra celebrations.

K.Thanmai and Amrutha Siva Parvati spoke about the importance of a library while, Sanvitha and Dusana  shared her thoughts on Verb forms

Sparjan Lee of Succulent 6 narrated a small story about the crow and a jar with waterl.

Joshna and Rupa Sahasra of Succulent 6 interacted with their audience with a game of scrambled words.

Vikhyat, Harshavardhan and Pavan Kumar of 7 IIT discussed about the importance of reading stories from the Panchatantra.

Bhargavi and Varshini of Grade 7 IIT had a short discussion on articles and their usage.

Navya of Grade 8 played a game called word ladder with her audience.

Finally Shravan, Shravani and Chasmitha of Grade 9 IIT played a highly interactive game called Boggle with their enthusiastic audience.

Akshara and Nehamrutha of Grade 8 IIT anchored for the Social activities whereas Mokshit of Elegant 8 anchored for the English activities.

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