Greenwood’s Achievement in an Inter-School Competition

Hunter Road @ Greenwood Group of Schools

Inter-school competitions are held on various topics, throughout the year involving several schools. This is a very healthy thing as a student is assessed, not only within the school, but is compared with the students of all the other schools too. These competitions give the younger generation a boost and raise their confidence while progressively developing a positive attitude towards competitions.

A student of Greenwood High School, Hunter Road, Warangal , R Tejaswi of 9th Einstein bought a great achievement for her and the school by winning 1st prize in an inter-school competition. 

The competitions were held in Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. Nearly 40-45 schools participated in this event on 26th November 2022. The competitions held were: 

  1. Declamation 
  2. Essay writing 
  3. Painting 

Tejaswi moved  heaven and earth to showcase her talent in-front of all the esteemed panel present there. She had taken part in Declamation and everyone were  awestruck with her language, presentation, and mesmerising style . The speech worked in her favour and she defeated everyone with her powerful language. 

Finally the prize distribution took place in New Creation High School, Jangaon on 10th December 2022. 

Tejaswi came of with flying colours and was presented with a Shield Certificate, Story books and cash prize of Rs 3000. 

She has brought  a great achievement for the school and for herself. We hope this success continues in the future and she finds her talents by being a part of Greenwood High School.

(Ms Rida – Department of English)

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