India’s Freedom Struggle, a glorious chapter

We are at the fag end of July. In the month of August, we mark our Independence Day on 15th and we fondly remember our cherished goals of independence movement and the leaders who were at forefront in that glorious chapter of India’s freedom struggle.

As kids, we were looking forward to Independence Day with lots of fervour every year. Various competitions in schools and preparations for Independence Day celebrations used to fill us with patriotic spirit and our commitment to the wellbeing of our nation and society used to be renewed, right? But, have you noticed it is increasingly become another day, even more sadly, a holiday, for these generations? What do you think has changed?

Perhaps, Globalization an eraser of boundaries among the people and nations, all thanks to social media and internet, might be at work to feel less connected to one’s nation. It is important for all of us parents to instill the patriotic spirit in the children. children are blindsided to history. The full extent of history of India’s freedom struggle is known to students only after they reach higher classes. It does not mean that we cannot do anything about it.

India’s independence movement is read with great reverence all over the world for the peaceful means it adopted to free itself from the British clutches while other nations witnessed lot of bloodshed for the same. It is a glorious chapter — to fight lawfully with the oppressor — in the history of mankind; it is our rich heritage.

As a nation we are yet to achieve the goals, we set out for ourselves. The task of building a nation free of hunger, poverty, and illiteracy is still ahead of all of us. The onus of carrying forward the hard-earned freedom and building a strong India lies on the shoulders of future generations.

How can we expect this wonderful journey to continue unless we incalculate patriotism and feelings for nation in the young minds! Parents can play a major role in a child’s understanding of the surroundings.

Let us resolve to talk to our children about our country and the values that define our freedom struggle.

2 thoughts on “India’s Freedom Struggle, a glorious chapter”

  1. Ganta Rajender Reddy

    Wonderful message sir.
    In the present situation of society we need to develop patriotism, social responsibility, environment conscious,habit of saving natural resources in the childrens also for bright future of the country .in addition to academic education we have to teach greatness of heritaze of our country, sacrifice of our freedom fighters.ethical values, respect about culture .
    parents and educational institutions should paly a pivotal role in moulding the students as a good citizens.

    Ja hindh..
    Bharat mathaki jai…

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