Instilling the art & craft skills among students

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The art department of our Greenwood High School believes that every student should have the right to have personalised support to reach the limits of their capability.

Talented students in art require increased stretch and challenge in the classroom, and the opportunities to further their talents outside school. Therefore, our Art Department aims at all students to be potentially talented and to show the following skills:

  • Think and express themselves in creative, original ways.
  • Have a strong desire to create in a visual form as they are driven by ideas, imagination, humour or personal experience.
  • Show a passionate interest in the world of art and design
  • Use materials, tools and techniques skillfully and learn new approaches easily and they are keen to extend their technical abilities and sometimes get frustrated when other skills do not develop at the same time

Our Students are identified as gifted for a variety of reasons:

##They perform at an advanced National Curriculum level

 ##Their outcomes are of exceptional quality

 ##They show excellent skills in a specific area

Our student M. Amruth Sai, (Class-10, Aryabhata),  S/o Surender, has been the student of Greenwood since his 6 th class and a Greenwood Art Club Member as well. He is one of the best instances for exhibiting his distinguished skills in the Art & Craft. He has produced many art works in his Art & Craft clasess.

The Management of Greenwood High School is always ready to encourage the talent of the students.  So, our beloved Director Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu garu, General manager A. Prabhu Kumar garu, Academic Principal V.V.V. Naveen Kumar, Administrative Principal T. Pavan Kumar garu and Art & craft Teacher Banaja Sahoo appreciated the Art & Craft Department for instilling the Artistic skills among the students. And they also appreciated all the students who are exhibiting their Artistic skills being the Art Club Members.  

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