Investiture Ceremony 2023-24 @ Greenwood Hunter Road

23/08/2023, Wed

@Hunter Road, Warangal #Greenwood High School

‘Investiture ceremony is not just the bestowing of titles and responsibilities; it is the celebration of potential, the recognition of capability and the commitment to a journey of growth and excellence.

An investiture ceremony is a significant event that showcases the essence of leadership and responsibility. It is an occasion where deserving individuals are honoured and entrusted with the authority to lead and represent their respective roles.

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Greenwood High School Hunter Road celebrated Investiture Ceremony  2023-24 on 23rd August 2023. Director Dr. G Bharadwaja Naidu sir, General Manager A. Prabhu Kumar sir, Principal Manjula maam, Vice Principal Mahender sir, ACOs Srikanth and Harshavardhan sir graced the stage with their presence. 

The ceremony began with the march part of the cabinet led by Head Girl Keerthana Genesis and Head Boy Abhinay Mengani and following right behind were the Discipline Secretaries, Cultural Secretaries, Sports Secretaries and Swachatha Secretaries. 

Commencement of the march was taken over by the House Presidents and Vice Presidents in order Emerald House, Ruby House, Diamond House and Sapphire House. 

Director Sir presented the sash, pinned the badge and handed over the Flag to the Head Boy and Head Girl, and to the House Presidents. 

Next our Director sir administered the Oath by calling the student council individually to take the oath. 

We also took this opportunity to present the Spell Genius badge to the highest scorers from classes 6th and 7th.

Director sir gave his Valuable words and the program came to an end.

The ceremony not only celebrated the achievements of the selected students but also aimed to instill a sense of responsibility and commitment among the entire student body.

“May this investiture ceremony mark the beginning of a new chapter filled with growth and success.”

(Ms Rida – Department of English) 

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