Spellbee August ‘ 23 Winners

23/08/2023, Wednesday

@Gopalpur, Hanumakonda #Greenwood High School

Spelling, the art of correctly assembling letters to form meaningful words, is one of the essential components of successful writing.

Being confident at spelling leads to confidence in all aspects of literacy. Keeping the same in mind, Greenwood has conducted Spell Bee competition for the students of classes I to VII.

It aimed at giving students a platform to learn different spellings with their pronunciations and consequently, enrich their vocabulary.

To conduct this activity, a word bank was created from the prescribed books of English, Math, Science & social which the children are using it in the current session.

The objective of the competition was to enhance the spelling and literary skills of children by encouraging them to explore the nuances of English language, expand their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Students participated earnestly in the competition. Our principal madam Ms. Kavita Chawla appreciated their efforts with individual “Spelling Genius” Badges.

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