Keep the infections away this rainy season

Extreme climatic conditions have become common these days, whether it is for the global warming or the climate change crisis. For the last few years, our state has been witnessing excessive rains during the rainy season. So much so that the preparedness of the government or individuals seem to be inadequate howsoever carefully planned.

Rainy season opens a plethora of health issues, particularly for children and elderly. The dampening weather would readily aid the bacteria and germs to thrive and cold, cough and fever are commonly noticed in children. Besides, the dangers of drains and flooding water make young children particularly vulnerable. It’s high time parents take extra precautions to ensure their children are safeguarded from the seasonal change flus and other dangers.

Best practices to ensure a child safety include: not allowing them to venture out during the rain or immediately after the rain. Familiarizing the children with the cross paths and manholes with in the vicinity of your home would be a better idea.

One major source of infections during the season is contaminated food and water. The climate is so pleasant that everyone would be tempted to eat and drink warm foods and beverages. But avoiding any sort of eating out, roadside foods particularly, is in the best interest of your child.

Also, maintaining a good hygiene at the home and washing hands frequently, one can keep the illness away. Eating wholesome, sumptuous homecooked meals and drinking plenty of water to keep oneself hydrated is important in all seasons.

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