Maths Fair and Talent Show held at Greenwood High School, Hunter Road

Much awaited Talent Show and annual Mathematics Fair was held in Greenwood High School on Friday, 21 April, 2023. It is one of the most awaited events in the academic calendar for all the students. Challa Dharma Reddy and Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu, respected directors of Greenwood High Schools, CAO-A. Prabhu Kumar, and Principal Manjula madam are present on the occasion. The day began with lightening of lamp by the Director Sirs, CAO, and Principal madam. It was followed by Saraswathi Puja and a welcome classical dance.

After that, Principal Madam led the dignitaries present to the Maths Fair. Director Sirs inaugurated the Maths Fair by cutting the ribbon. Directors and dignitaries observed the Maths stalls set up by the students on various themes under the guidance of Maths teachers of school. All the dignitaries and parents present went ahead observing and enquiring the students about the various concepts and ideas behind their projects and their goals and objectives for the projects.

An art gallery has been curated for the occasion where artworks by students in various drawing competitions have been displayed alongside individual works of brilliance. Art gallery turned out to be big hit as parents took a keen interest in observing various appealing artworks on a wide-variety of topics, ranging from portraits of national heroes to impending climate crisis. In the gallery, students also displayed art and craft techniques at stalls.

Student’s Millets Food Gallery has been set up to spread awareness about the nutri-value of millets. Students came up with wide variety of millet recipes, ranging from cutlets to desserts. Students also presented the procedure of the recipes and handed the food items for tasting for visitors. Millets desserts seem to have attracted the visitors.

Dear Parents, Admissions are open for 2023-24

After dignitaries went through all the three sections, prize distribution ceremony took place. Students who won Maths Olympiads and GN Foundation Fellowships are presented with the prizes and certificates by Challa Dharma Reddy Sir and Bharadwaja Naidu Sir.

Annual Academic Excellence awards are also distributed on the occasion to toppers from each section and class. They are presented with a medal and certificate by Bharadwaja Naidu sir.

Also, students who won prizes in letter writing competition, essay writing competition, drawing competition, and story reading competitions, conducted over the last couple of months, are presented with prizes and certificates by director sir. Director Bharadwaja Naidu sir appreciated all the winners and participants and emphasized how Greenwood strives to ensure all-round development of a child.

After a short break, students reassembled for the talent show, and there followed a spectacle of singing, dancing, and music performances.

Reported by N. Aashritha (IX- Kalam) and B. Sahasra (IX-Bose)

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