Now Greenwood brings out Administrators (Bureaucrats)

#Greenwood Group of Schools

Greenwood School has been a regular news maker for its astounding results in IIT and NEET exams every since its inception. It remained a dream for Greenwood to see a Greenwoodian as a Bureaucrat in the Indian Administration for some time.
That cherished dream has come true when our 2008 Batch Greenwoodian, Mr. Sai Kiran Pathipaka, S/o Komurelli, has successfully passed through the (UPSE CIVILS-2022) IPS-2022 qualifying examination.

It gives me an immense pleasure to convey a message to students of my alma mater.

My formative years at Greenwood laid foundation for my career.

There are few qualities that are non-negotiable at this age. These are to have an intense desire to succeed, clear vision, confidence, perseverance and discipline.
I’m extremely grateful for the Greenwood management for developing these qualities in me.

I would like to share some tips from my experience which I think would be helpful to you.

  • First, refer standard sources.
  • Second, revise them multiple times.
  • Third, practice and rectify the mistakes.

Do not refer too many sources on one subject.

Once again, I would take the opportunity to thank the entire team of Greenwood for making me what I am today.

Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, the Director of Greenwood Group of Institutions, has congratulated Mr. Sai Kiran Pathipaka and hoped that many Greenwoodians would follow the tradition set by Mr. Sai Kiran Pathipaka in the near future.

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