Nominations and Scrutinization

The news of The Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy’s Student Council Election for Head Girl and Head Boy 2024-25 was announced by School Director Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu on 01-07-2024 in the school Special Monday Assembly.

The Interested Students of class 10 were asked to enroll their names as nominees. Initially, 32 Girls and 50 boys enrolled their names as nominees.

In the process of selection of final contestants for the elections, firstly Screening Test – 1 was conducted for all the enrolled students on 01-07-2024 in the First phase of scrutiny. Screening Test -1 was a written test. 8 Girls and 8 boys were selected for Screening Test – 2.

  1. N. Sai Kumar
  2. K. Adithya Raman
  3. V. Sai Ruthwik Reddy
  4. S. Sushanth
  5. N. Aswith
  6. P. Rajesh
  7. S. Hrushikesh
  8. T. Siddhartha Goud

  1. G. Sahashra
  2. K.Siri
  3. T.Krishi Ashwitha
  4. M.Kruthika Reddy
  5. K. Mayukha
  6. Ch. Anika
  7. E. Lekhya
  8. S. Sonashree

In the second phase of selection, Screening Test – 2 which is a Group Discussion will be conducted on 03-07-2024.

And final contestants will be shortlisted after Screening Test – 2 on 03-07-2024 and they will be announced as final contestants of the Head Boy and Head Girl Elections.

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