Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023

Erragattugutta @ Greenwood group of Schools

The students of Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy, Hanumakonda, viewed the Prime Minister’s live Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023 programme today, Friday, January 27 from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm very enthusiastically. All the students opined that the whole live session they watched was very beneficent and gave them life lessons as Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi answered the questions asked by the students face to face or on live video calls from different places in India on topics ranging from family pressure, stress management, prevention of cheating, career selection and so on.

The Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi interacted with 9th to 12th students from different states who are preparing for CBSE, ICSE, and various state board exams in the 6th edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023 the event that was conducted at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi and was broadcast for students, parents, and teachers to be viewed live on Doordarshan, YouTube channel of Ministry of Education, Facebook Live, and Moe’s Twitter account.

When asked on how to avoid unfair means and cheating during examinations Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi said that he is glad that our students also especially the hardworking students feel that some way should be found for the wrong practices in the examination. He also said, “if those students, who try to cheat in the exams, use their time and creativity in a good way they will achieve great success.” He further said, “Passing an exam means passing life, this is not possible by false means. Most of the times, short cut will cut you short. Today, you have to take exams everywhere, how many places will you cheat? Never take shortcuts in life.”

For the question how to manage time and how to complete work on time, He said, “Once we start doing, we find it easy.” He said, “Observe the time management skills of your mother and you will get to know how to manage your studies during exam time. We must learn micro-management skills from our mothers, and how she manages the tasks without feeling burdened.”

On being asked whether a student should focus on hard work or smart work, he shared the story of thirsty crow. He said that the story of “Thirsty Crow” teaches us to work hard but smartly. He suggested to apply intelligence always before starting the work.

Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi, while answering a question on dependence on gadgets, said that Gadgets can’t be smarter than you. The smarter you are, the more gadgets will be used in a better way. He asked parents to make a no gadget zone in a corner of their house. Whomsoever enters that zone has to enter it without carrying a gadget. This will increase communication and this way the family members will also be able to understand one another more.

For the teachers question how students should behave in a society, he stated that students should be encouraged to take part in society and parents and teachers should encourage their curiosity. “Do not try and close off your students”, Prime Minister of India Sri. Narendra Modi added. He asked the students to learn regional languages. Through this, he said that students would connect and understand History better.

Eventually, Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi implored parents to send their wards on a 5-day trip to their state or even other states after board exams to make them feel independent and responsible at the same time.”

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