Greenwood High School Takes Part in Pariksha Pe Charcha-2023

Greenwood High School, Warangal, Telangana, has been selected for Pariksha Pe Charcha-2023, an annual exam time interactive meet with PM Mr. Narendra Modi for the students of classes 9 and 10.

Greenwood High School is one of the very few schools selected for the program from the region. Selected students are asked to come up with questions to be posed to Modi. Students have come up with many interesting questions covering a wide range of issues on exam preparations, parental pressure and future career choices have. In consultation with teachers, the following questions have been finalized for the program.

S. Adithi Reddy from class 9 asked a question age old dilemma on Arts VS Science.

Huriya Ali from class 9 asked a question about how to deal with unprepared questions during the exam.

R. Tejaswini from class 9 asked a question on finding the true passion.

K. Nihari from class 10 asked a question on staying focused.

Class 9 student Keerthana. P’s question is about exam time panicking.

Bhavana. D from class 10 asked a question on exam time health management.

K. Yashaswini of class 10 question is related to giving equal importance to all the subjects.

Firas Mirza, a class 10 student asked a question on unrest before results.

Class 10 student V. Sahasra asked a question on parental pressure.

R. Prudvinath Reddy of class 10 question covered mental health.

M. Sahasra, a class 10 student, question is on parental expectations.

P. Susan Jessie’s question touched on avoiding illness during exams.

Class 10 student Hansika Chawla asked a question on best learning model.

R. Shruthika Goud, class 10 student, questioned Prime Minister about his health and energy secret.

Reported by Vishnu Rishitha of Class IX-Bose and S. Adhithi Reddy of Class IX-Kalam.

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