Rally on Child Abuse by Class IX and X Students

Greenwood Group of Schools @ Hunter Road :

To celebrate Children’s Day in a unique way, the students of Greenwood High school, Hunter Road took out in a rally today. Intending to spread awareness on ‘Child Abuse’ and the importance of spending quality time with family by educating digital time’, they performed flash mob and mime as the rally progressed.

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The students gathered at D.E.O office, Hanmakonda. The rally began with the waving of flag by Principal C. Manjula Devi and G. Akarsh Naidu 10:00 a.m. Due permission was taken from concerned authorities. Students started the march with enthusiasm and raised slogans as they progressed. The slogans included ‘Stop Child Abuse’, ‘Stand Up for Children’ and Lets Build Our India’. Slogans grabbed attentive flashcards and posters displayed, and catchy slogan raised. The slogan highlighted the importance of creating and enabling environment for a child’s growth to realise his/ her true potential.

The rally gathered at Adalath. Taking everyone by surprise, girls of Class 10 started performing a flash mob which has a beautiful message. It was an incredible performance with great team work. It was followed by a mime which wonderfully defected different forms of child abuse. Without saying a single word they portrayed various forms of child abuse like sexual harassment, domestic violence and physical forms of child abuse. Then another flash mob was performed by boys of class 10th which fascinated the viewers. Their performance was outstanding and well synchronised.

After all these fabulous performance the rally proceded to the Collector Office. On the way, a melodious song was sung by Keerthana and Harshitha of Class 9th. Finally, when student reached the collector office, they have again performed the flash mobs and mime with same energy levels. They grabbed attention of people passing by. The theme struck a chord with everyone. Everyone nodded their head in appreciation and were moved by the issue. 

The Students of Greenwood have taken a thoughtful step to words raising their voice  against ‘Child Abuse’ and towards importance of spending quality of family time. Their marvelous performance have spread awareness in people. 

Reported by J Aarnavi Swaraj and G. Hasika of Class 10th Bose

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