“Yummy Tummy” #Nutritional week balanced diet day

Greenwood Group of Schools @ Gopalpur, Hanmakonda :

Greenwood leaves no occasion to reinforce its mission of educating parents and students on a healthy diet.

We observed “Yummy Tummy Nutritional week ” from 7th to 12th November 2022.

A fruit/ vegetable diet chart and its nutritional values was shared with students and parents. Teachers ensured that students followed the same throughout the week.

We wholeheartedly thank our parents for supporting us in bringing awareness towards the importance of healthy food for students’ physical and mental health.

2 thoughts on ““Yummy Tummy” #Nutritional week balanced diet day”

  1. Love the ambience and teacher and Principal of Green Wood School 🏫. They always bring awareness by arranging curriculum activities and social activities.This balanced diet act was super amazed and Successful.Thanks all teachers and specially Principal mam Mrs Kavita Chawla.Keep growing 🙌

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