SCHOOL REOPENING  @ Greenwood High School AFTER Summer Vacation

As we embarked on this new academic year, our teachers made sure to make the first step a fun and memorable one! With creative activities and engaging games, they set the tone for a year of learning, laughter, and connection.

The day of the tiny toddlers  of  Pre-primary started with Goddess Saraswathi puja.

Then moved to their receptive classes  began with a unique “Class Entry” ceremony, where students jumped, hopped, and walked their way into their new classrooms, breaking the ice and shedding any first-day jitters. Our teachers then led the students in lively rhymes and songs, filling the air with joy and enthusiasm.

To make the day even more special, a “Room Return Gift” for each student, a small token of appreciation to welcome them to their new learning space.

Throughout the day, our students were beaming with excitement, eager to explore their new classrooms, meet new friends, and start their academic journey.

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