Spirit of Independence Comes Alive at Greenwood

15-Aug-2023, Tue

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76 years of glorious hard-earned Independence has come alive with all the pomp and gaiety at the Greenwood Grounds on the occasion of its 77th anniversary; the 15 August 2023.

The whole campus is overwhelmed with the memories of all the great leaders of our struggle for independence.

It is no exaggeration if one says that Tri-Colour filled the skies of Greenwood Campus.

Elaborate preparations have been made for this auspicious day by the students and their mentors under the supervisory guidance of Our Director Sir, Sri. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, both the Academic and Administrative Principals, V.V.V. Naveen Kumar and T. Pavan Kumar.

The celebrations began with the ceremonial welcome of the dignitaries of the school with a wonderful display of Guard of Honour by the NCC Cadets and the other students. The Directors of the school Sri Challa Dharma Reddy and Sri Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu, Sri. Alapati Prabhu Kumar, the General manager, Sri Yellappa Naidu, father of Sri G. Bharadwaja Naidu, Principal VVV Naveen Kumar and Vice Principal V. Suresh Kumar are among those who received the Guard of Honour.

All the dignitaries offered floral tributes to all the great leaders of our Freedom Struggle and broke the coconuts as an auspicious symbol in their honour.

Sri. Challa Dharma Reddy, the Director and present MLA of Parkal Constituency hoisted the National Flag. He spoke on the occasion reminding the young Greenwoodians of their responsibilities towards their parents and Nation, to develop friendly relationship among themselves, to be kind and polite and be the torch bearers of future generations.

Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu advised the children to be responsible towards their education. He reminded the students of the growing world of competition and advised one and all to prepare themselves to enter the glorious fields in their lives with confidence and ease. He also said about the role of a student in the development of nation.

Sri VVV Naveen Kumar reiterated the need for focusing on the learning and the time management.

However, the soulful words came out from Sri. Girrem Yellappa Naidu. Each and every word spoken by him found its way into the young hearts assembled. His was indeed a spirited speech. 

Later on, Prizes were distributed to the winners in Drawing/Painting Competition and Elocution competition held in the school on the occasion of Independence Day. Good Handwriting Award, Leadership Award, Most Helpful Student Award, Student of the Month Awards for the Month of July were given to the students. Certificates and Prizes were given to the winners.

Mr. J. Ramesh, HOD of Telugu Department and Mr. B. Sandeep from Social Science Department gave speech on this occasion. Some students also gave wonderful speech on the great sacrifices of our freedom fighters.

The decoration for Independence Day Celebration has begun right at the entrance of our school. A vibrant display of the national flag and decorations in the colors of our country started right from the gates. The entrance has been adorned with flowers, banners, and streamers, creating an atmosphere of national pride and enthusiasm.

Inside the classrooms, students have put their creativity to work. Each classroom has been transformed into a mini gallery of patriotism. The walls are embellished with handmade flags, historical quotes, and art pieces that reflect the essence of freedom and unity.

In the school ground where our official Independence Day ceremony has taken place, the stage has been adorned with a grand backdrop of the national flag, and the podium has been set for our esteemed speakers. The Entire school premises has exuded an air of anticipation and excitement, a testament to our dedication to honor this significant day.

All these are the result of creativity and artistic efficiency of our art and craft department teachers Ms. Banaja Sahoo and Mr. Santhosh Rao who encouraged all the art and craft student members to do their best in making whole campus very vibrant with their decorations and the work of art. The decorations and preparations for this year’s Independence Day have been a true labor of love. Every effort, every decoration, and every performance is a tribute to our nation’s journey towards freedom and progress. Each act has been prepared with dedication and enthusiasm, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and the fervor of our nation.

But our celebration is not limited to decorations alone. Our students have prepared an array of cultural displays showcasing the diversity of our country. From traditional dances to folk music performances, these displays remind us of the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our nation.

To kick off our celebration, our talented students presented a series of dance performances that depicted various aspects of our nation’s history and cultural diversity. Through graceful movements and vibrant costumes, they transported us back in time and across regions, showcasing the unity in diversity that defines our country.

The melodious strains of patriotic songs filled the air as our choir and solo singers took the stage. These songs, echoing the sentiments of love for our nation, served as a reminder of the struggles and sacrifices made by countless individuals to secure our freedom. Their voices undoubtedly evoked emotions of pride and unity.

Next, we have a spectacular display of discipline and precision – the Dumbbell Drill trained by Mr. Harish (PET). Our students, through synchronized movements and the manipulation of dumbbells, demonstrated the dedication and training that our armed forces undertake. This performance is a salute to their commitment and the protection they provide to our nation.

It has been masterfully showcased the spirit of ‘Lezim’ through the synchronized movements and energetic performance with the coaching of Mr. Sai Kumar (PET). The dedication of the students to preserving our cultural heritage and their seamless coordination on stage has been a true delight to behold, reminding us of the power of unity and tradition.

Some students showcased incredible display of strength, balance, and coordination by taking the stage to create stunning human pyramids and amazed all by their teamwork and dedication.

Kolatam, a traditional folk dance, took center stage. This performance symbolizes the harmony and togetherness that transcends regional differences. As the dancers moved in rhythm, they reflected the beauty of unity that is the hallmark of our nation’s progress. The Pyramid Formations and Kolatam have been well trained by Mr. Pradeep Reddy and Aravind (PETs).

Mono action by L. Geethika as Rani Rudrama is a heart touching act on the day which filled the hearts of students with emotion.

Mr. Raghu (PET) arranged Guard of Honour with our National Cadet Corps (NCC). Some other NCC students proudly took the stage with a parade that exuded discipline and respect. Through their synchronized movements and immaculate uniforms, they showcased the values of leadership, unity, and service to the nation. This parade was a reflection of the potential within our youth to shape a brighter tomorrow. The performances witnessed are a testament to the talent, dedication, and fervor of our students and the staff NCC ANO Mr. S. Radha Krishnan and Mr. M.Ramakrishna who are behind them to back them up in every nook and corner and every way.

Under the guidance and mentorship of Mr. G Krishna Rao, English Faculty, A. Abhilasha and R. Alekhya of class X had the privilege to anchor this memorable event. Both of them put together a well-structured and engaging script that captured the essence of our nation’s freedom and unity.

In retrospect, celebrating this Independence Day has been an honor and a fulfilling experience for all the students and the staff. All expressed their deepest gratitude to Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu for his guidance and support, without which this event would not have been possible.

On a final note, Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu and Sri. Challa Dharma Reddy, the directors of the Greenwood Group of Schools, appreciated all the students and staff who have carried out their duties successfully and made the Independence Day Celebration a grand success.


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