77th Independence Day was Celebrated with Great Enthusiasm

15/08/2023, Tue

@Goaplpur, Hanumakonda #Greenwood High School

77th Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at Greenwood High School. On this day the sense of happiness and pride could be clearly seen on the faces of all the people.

The program started with prayer by welcoming the Chief Guest, Principal, followed by garlanding portraits of freedom fighters. To commemorate the sovereignty of our Nation, the Chief Guest and the school Principal unfurled the tricolor flag and all in unison sang the National Anthem and expressed the joy of our freedom.

A parade was organized after that, different types of programs were presented by the students.

The Chief guest Mr. Prabhu Kumar and the principal Ms.Kavita Chawla appreciated students by giving certificates to the winners of solo singing, drawing competition and essay writing.

Both gave a very motivational and patriotic speech which is a pathfinder to enlighten the future of the students.

At the end sweets were distributed to the students. Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place for Indians to live and experience the freedom, peace, and Unity in Diversity.

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  1. This is the good culture seen among all the students. Remembering our patriotic hero’s of the Nation who fought for us and sacrifices there life for our better life today. We are enjoying the fruits of there sacrifice . We should not forget them along with the current hero’s who are currently standing at borders for our better life

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