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Creativity is like your daily hero, making life better for everyone.

08/02/2024, THU

Creativity is like your daily hero, making life better for everyone. It’s not just for artists; it helps solve problems and express yourself in unique ways. Try new things, like doodling or cooking, to keep your brain happy and always learning. Let Aadhika Aadhyasari of Class 5 is here to discuss how to make your life for more fun!

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World Read Aloud Day 2024 Celebrations at Greenwood Gopalpur School

Greenwood Gopalpur School celebrated World Read Aloud Day 2024 with great enthusiasm, fostering a love for reading and promoting camaraderie among students. The main event featured students reading aloud chapters from their lessons, prompting their classmates to repeat after them. This interactive session not only enhanced reading skills but also encouraged active participation and engagement in learning.

One of the highlights of the event was the reading session among siblings, where older siblings helped their younger counterparts, promoting a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood among the students. This activity not only strengthened bonds between siblings but also emphasized the importance of mutual support and collaboration in learning.

World Read Aloud Day holds significant importance as it underscores the power of reading aloud in improving literacy skills, building confidence, and fostering a sense of community among readers. By encouraging students to read aloud and engage in collaborative reading activities, Greenwood Gopalpur School reaffirmed its commitment to promoting literacy and nurturing a culture of lifelong learning among its students.

The celebrations served as a reminder of the transformative impact of reading aloud in shaping young minds and building a brighter future. Through such initiatives, Greenwood Gopalpur School continues to empower its students to become avid readers, effective communicators, and compassionate individuals.

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Makara Sankranti, Festival of Unity Prosperity and Joy

As this is the festive season, let me take this opportunity to share a few words with you all about the role Makara Sankranti plays all that it symbolizes in our lives.

Sankranti, also known as Makar Sankranti, is a Hindu festival that marks the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara (Capricorn). It usually takes place around January 14th every year. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and varies in name and traditions across different regions of India. Here are some key aspects of the significance, symbolism, and traditions associated with Sankranti:

Solar Transition and Harvest Festival:

Sankranti is primarily a solar event that marks the end of the winter solstice and the beginning of longer days. It is also considered a harvest festival in many parts of India, as it signifies the time when crops like sugarcane, sesame, and pulses are harvested.

Symbolism of Sun and Light:

The movement of the Sun into the northern hemisphere is associated with the triumph of light over darkness, symbolizing knowledge, wisdom, and the dispelling of ignorance.The festival represents the gradual increase in daylight and the promise of warmer days ahead.

Traditional Rituals and Customs:

People take ritual baths in rivers, especially in the Holy Rivers, and offer prayers to the Sun god during this time.

Flying kites is a popular tradition during Sankranti, symbolizing the breaking free from the darkness of ignorance into the bright light of knowledge.

Bonfires and Community Celebrations:

In some regions, Bhogi Mantalu, bonfires are lit on the eve of Sankranti, symbolizing the end of the winter season and the onset of longer days.

Community gatherings, cultural programs, and feasts are common during the festival, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness.

Special Foods:

Special dishes are prepared using newly harvested crops. In many places, sesame seeds and jaggery are used to make sweets like tilgul (sesame and jaggery laddoos). Pongal, a dish made with newly harvested rice, is a popular delicacy in South India during this festival.

Regional Variations:

Sankranti is celebrated under different names such as Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Uttarayan in Gujarat, Lohri in Punjab, and Magh Bihu in Assam.The traditions and customs associated with Sankranti can vary across regions, reflecting the diversity of Indian culture.

Cattle Worship:

In some rural areas, cattle are adorned with colorful accessories and worshiped during Sankranti as they play a crucial role in agriculture.

Charity and Good Deeds:

The festival emphasizes the importance of charity and helping those in need. Many people donate food, clothing, and other essentials to the less fortunate.

In summary, Sankranti holds cultural, agricultural, and spiritual significance in India. It is a time for rejoicing, gratitude, and the renewal of life as nature begins to bloom after the winter season.

Here are my greetings for you all and blessings for all the children.

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Imagination is the spark that ignites the fire of creativity

Rangoli making is all about showing artistic creativity by using beautiful colours. It is a way to express imagination. Keeping this in mind, an Inter – house Rangoli making competition was organized for classes VI to X in Greenwood High School, Hunter Road. 

The competition aimed at honing aesthetic skills, creativity and innovation of the young modernites.

Students from all the four houses participated earnestly and with enthusiasm . The theme of the competition was *‘Anti War and Peace’*. 

Children put in lots of efforts and came up with amazing ideas. The students enthusiastically participated by showcasing their skills.

This activity was an example of collaborative learning in which our teachers gave ideas and inspired the students to work in groups and foster team spirit. 

The judgement depended on the selection of the design, neatness, clarity and colour combinations and creativity by the students to make their designs more presentable.

Each Rangoli was unique in its own way and the judges were in a dilemma to choose the ones that were better than the best .

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Greenwood High School’s Educational Trip for Nursery, LKG & UKG.

Greenwood High School, Gopalpur,
were taken for a visits to “Places of Worship ” in the neighbourhood.
Here’s a glimpse of their exciting journey:

  • Gurudwara :
    The first stop on the itinerary was the serene Gurudwara. Students experienced the peaceful ambiance, learned about Sikh traditions, and were treated to the warm hospitality of the Sikh community. The visit provided a valuable opportunity for cultural exchange and understanding.
  • Church:
    The students witnessed the beauty of Christian religious practices, admired the architecture, and engaged in conversations with the church staff. The visit encouraged an open dialogue about different faiths and the importance of tolerance.
  • Masjid:
    The educational journey continued with a visit to the masjid in Chowrastha. Students gained insights into Islamic practices and observed the architectural beauty of the mosque.

  • Thousand Pillar Temple :
    A historical and architectural marvel awaited the students at the Thousand Pillar Temple. Exploring the intricate carvings and learning about the temple’s rich history added a cultural dimension to the trip. The teachers shared information on the site they were going to visit. They were also taught to love and respect every religion.The students were very inquisitive and their inquitiveness was satisfied when they actually visited these religious places.
  • Z00 PARK (Vana Vigyan) Hunter Road:
    The final destination was the vibrant Z00 PARK, also known as Vana Vigyan, at the Hunter Road. Students immersed themselves in nature, discovering various plant species and learning about environmental conservation. The park visit aimed to instill a sense of responsibility towards the environment from a young age and had enjoyed lunch together.

This educational trip not only broadened the students’ horizons Greenwood School remains committed to providing holistic learning experiences that go beyond the classroom, and the perspective of students were enhanced when they actually visited these places of worship to understand that God is one.

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Diwali Celebration at Greenwood High School, Gopalpur : A Joyous Experience

11/11/2023, SAT

#diwali 2023 #Greenwood high school #hanumakonda

The Diwali celebration at Greenwood High School, Gopalpur, was nothing short of magical, leaving everyone in attendance with cherished memories and a heart full of joy.

The event unfolded with a beautiful ceremony of offering flowers and lighting the Diya, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness.

The ambiance was set aglow as the entire school community came together for a moment of prayer, seeking blessings for a harmonious and prosperous Diwali.

Info :

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The welcome address by Mrs. Kavita Chawla, The Principal resonated with warmth, setting the perfect tone for the festivities that followed.

The highlight of the celebration was undoubtedly the Fancy Dress Competition for the pre-primary students.

The little ones, adorned in adorable costumes, stole the hearts of the audience, creating an atmosphere filled with laughter and admiration.

The dance performances by Grade 1 & 2, as well as Grade 6 & 7, showcased the incredible talent and enthusiasm of the students.

Each choreographed routine was a testament to the dedication and hard work put in by both students and teachers.

The skit that followed brought humor and insightful messages, leaving the audience thoroughly entertained.

The entire experience was not just a celebration of a festival; it was a collective expression of unity, talent, and the spirit of Diwali.

In retrospect, the Diwali celebration at Greenwood High School was more than an event; it was an experience that brought the school community together in a tapestry of colors, laughter, and shared joy.

It is these moments that create lasting bonds and make school life truly memorable.

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Oratory, the Power of Eloquent Speech

29/10/2023, Sun.

#founders’ pen @Greenwood group of schools

Oratory, the art of eloquent speech, has been a potent force shaping the course of history and inspiring masses. Throughout centuries, leaders have harnessed the power of words to ignite revolutions, foster unity, and drive change. Winston Churchill, the stalwart British Prime Minister, once said, “We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out.” This sentiment underscores the significance of oratory in leadership.

Great orators like Martin Luther King Jr. and his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech exemplify the impact of persuasive rhetoric. His words, “I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream,” resonated deeply, fuelling the civil rights movement in the United States. Similarly, Mahatma Gandhi’s eloquence galvanized India’s fight for independence, his words echoing, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Historically, orators like Abraham Lincoln transformed nations with their speeches. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, with its timeless words, “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth,” encapsulates the essence of democracy and inspired generations.

Abraham Lincoln

Oratory transcends time, as seen in the mesmerizing speeches of leaders like Nelson Mandela, whose words, “It always seems impossible until it is done,” inspired hope and reconciliation in post-apartheid South Africa.

Nelson Mandela

Shakespeare exemplified the power of speech through the oratory power of his two immortal characters; Brutus and Antony in his epic drama, Julius Caesar.

Brutus and Antony in the epic drama, Julius Caesar

Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s noble words “To be liberated, woman must feel free to be herself, not in rivalry to man but in the context of her own capacity and her personality.” clearly show us the power of speech that inspires generations to come.

Pandit Jawaharlal’s energetic speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’ is yet another example of oratory with a purpose.

In essence, oratory has a transformative power, capable of bridging divides, instilling hope, and driving societies toward progress. Through the ages, leaders have harnessed this art, proving that words, when wielded with eloquence and purpose, have the power to change the world.

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24th RSFI National Rope Skipping Championship were held at Nashik in Maharashtra

#Abhyaas The Global School, @Bhimavaram, AP

Abhyaas the global school proudly announces that once again one our prodigious students actively participated in the championship and secured medals.

Kashifa Sumahna of grade 5 bagged one silver medal in Single Leg Switch category and two Bronze medals in Relay and in Double Touch categories.

Kudos to Kashifa’s parents who are encouraging her to be an all-rounder.

This is indeed a proud moment not only for Kashifa’s parents and teachers but also for Abhyaas the global school.

It is very happy occasion for abhyaas school, that one our student who participated
and secure medals.
Kashifa got one silver medal in single leg switch and 2 Bronze medals in Relay,Double touch.

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Teachers’ Day Celebrations @ Erragattugutta, Greenwood

05/09/2023, Tue

@Erragattugutta, Greenwood High School

Greenwood High School celebrated Teachers’ Day with great enthusiasm and reverence, on September 5th, 2023. The event was organized to express our gratitude and appreciation for the dedicated educators who have been instrumental in shaping the future of our students. It was a day filled with joy, creativity, and heartfelt gestures to make our teachers feel cherished.

Inviting the Guests: Initially, the Teachers’ Day celebration began with a warm invitation to our esteemed guests- the director and chief guest Sri Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, Greenwood General Manager Sri. A. Prabhu Kumar, Academic Principal Sri. VVV Naveen Kumar, Administrative Principal Sri. T. Pavan Kumar and Vice Principal Sri. V Suresh Kumar to join on the dais. The guests were graciously welcomed to the stage, where they shared their wisdom and insights with our school community. Their presence added prestige and significance to our celebration, making it a memorable event.

Honoring Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam: On this simple yet profound ceremony of Teachers’ Day, Greenwood High School paid homage to the great educators, Dr. Sarvepalli  Radha Krishnan and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The event commenced with a ceremonial breaking of coconuts, symbolizing purity and auspiciousness. This gesture served as a mark of respect to the exemplary visionaries and teachers who continue to inspire generations.

Tributes to Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam: Following this, portraits of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam were garlanded by our Director, General Manager, Academic and Administrative Principals reminding us of their invaluable contributions to education and nation-building. This brief yet meaningful tribute highlighted the school’s commitment to upholding the ideals of these eminent educators and fostering a culture of reverence for all teachers.

A student’s Speech: Ch. Aapthika, a 10th-grade student, delivered a poignant speech on Teachers’ Day. In her heartfelt address, she conveyed her deep appreciation for the dedication and guidance of our teachers. Her words resonated with sincerity, and her speech was a touching reminder of the profound influence teachers have on their students.

The Director’s address: Next, The Director’s address was filled with gratitude, wisdom, and appreciation for the dedicated educators who shape our students’ futures. The speech resonated deeply with the audience, emphasizing the pivotal role Dr. Sarvepalliy Radha Krishnan and Dr. APJ Kalam played in the field of education in India. It was a moment of inspiration that reinforced our school’s commitment to providing quality education and nurturing the next generation.

Felicitation Ceremony: In a heartfelt gesture, the school management felicitated all the teachers with tokens of appreciation for their outstanding and exemplary contribution to the school’s success. Each department had a special group photo with the director and other dignitaries. At the end all teaching, supporting and office staff had a group photo with the school management members.

A Special Lunch: The school management arranged a sumptuous lunch for our dedicated teachers on this Teachers’ Day. The delicious meal was a token of appreciation for the hard work and commitment of teacher in shaping the future of the students. It provided a delightful and memorable way to celebrate this special day, fostering camaraderie and gratitude among the teaching staff.

Conclusion: The Teachers’ Day celebration at Greenwood High School was a resounding success. Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu conveyed his thanks to the active participation and dedication of students, teachers, and staff. It was a day to cherish and remember, emphasizing the crucial role educators play in molding the future of our nation.

10 th Students Abilasha and Snehitha, our anchors for Teachers Day celebration, delivered a stellar performance. Their engaging script, lively interaction, and heartfelt tributes to teachers made the event a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

The school management extended their heartfelt thanks to all the teachers at Greenwood High School for their unwavering commitment and dedication to the noble cause of education. The management looks forward to many more years of learning and growth under their guidance.

Report by: G Krishna Rao (Teacher of English)

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Teachers’ Day Celebrations @ Abhyaas The Global School

05/09/2023, Tue

@Abhyaas The Global School, Bhimavaram, Andra Pradesh

Every year, India celebrates Teachers’ Day on 5th September to commemorate the birthday of the illustrious Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the country’s first Vice President and former President, scholar, philosopher, and Bharat Ratna awardee, who was born on this day way back in 1888.

To show respect and appreciation for all the educators in India, the students express their gratitude to their instructors in a variety of ways by devoting this particular day in their name.

Abhyaas the global school’s observance of Teachers’ Day, serves as a reminder to her highly respected teachers of their responsibilities that come with passing down their knowledge from generation to generation.

The outgoing Grade X Student-Teachers organized an excellent power-packed, fun-filled day to honour their teachers.

The celebration began with honoring Mr. Valavala Satyanarayana, the Principal of Abhyaas the global school.

Right from the start, the game of  Musical Chairs saw teachers seriously competing with each other for the coveted Winner’s Chair which was ultimately bagged by Mr. Vinod Richards.

The teachers were reminded of their teen years as they gleefully participated in Dumb Charades. Some of them were even found arguing about points just like teenagers do.

Teachers forgot their age and enthusiastically participated in the Treasure Hunt. The lucky super treasure hunter was Mr. Murali Krishna.

After a sumptuous lunch, the Principal, along with his team of teachers garlanded the portrait of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Mrs. G. Prabha sang a beautiful song in praise of the Guru.

A fun-filled Ramp Walk by the teachers and the Grade X Student-Teachers kept the children cheering and clapping hands non-stop.

P. Govind Siva Sai of Grade X performed a solo dance, captivating the hearts of both, teachers and students.

A much awaited Teachers’ Felicitation by the Grade X Student-Teachers accompanied by toe-tapping music electrified the dais sending sparks everywhere.

Ch. Siddharth Varma of Grade X spoke a few words on the occasion.

Girls of Grade X performed a skit on a typical day in the life of the teacher both at school and at home.

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Rakhi Festival Celebration in Advance @ Greenwood, Erragattugutta

29/08/2023, Tue

@Erragattugutta, (M) Branch #Greenwood High School

The Rakhi festival was celebrated in advance with enthusiasm and warmth at our Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy on 29th August 2023. The event brought together students, teachers, and staff to honor the special bond between siblings.

Colorful Rakhis adorned with intricate designs were exchanged, symbolizing the strong connection between brothers and sisters.

The school Director Sri. Dr. G Bharadwaja Naidu, who took part in the event along with the Academic Principal – Sri. VVVNaveen Kumar and Administrative Principal – Sri T. Pavan Kumar, delivered a heartfelt speech during the Rakhi festival celebration, emphasizing the importance of fostering strong relationships and bonds within the school community.

Expressing appreciation for the cultural significance of Rakhi, the Director sir highlighted how the festival serves as a reminder of the values of love, respect, and unity. The Director’s speech encouraged students to cherish and uphold these values, contributing to a harmonious and close-knit school environment.

The traditional Rakhi ceremony, complete with the tying of the sacred thread and the sharing of sweets, created an atmosphere of joy and unity. Through this celebration, the school embraced the essence of Rakhi, fostering a sense of love, respect, and togetherness among the entire school community.

In preparation for the Rakhi festival celebration at our school, a creative and engaging activity took place where students came together to make Rakhis. The art and craft session,under the mentorship of Art and craft staff Banaja Sahoo and Santhosh Rao, was filled with excitement as students showcased their creativity by designing unique Rakhis using a variety of materials. From vibrant threads to decorative elements, each Rakhi was a reflection of the student’s individuality.

The atmosphere was abuzz with laughter and collaboration as students shared ideas and helped one another craft these special tokens of affection. The process not only encouraged artistic expression but also emphasized the values of camaraderie and the significance of the festival.

The handmade Rakhis produced during this activity added a personal touch to the celebration as the brothers and sisters who are studying in this campus had the opportunity to use in the celebration symbolizing the love and effort put into creating something meaningful for their siblings.

The event not only allowed students to showcase their artistic talents but also immersed them in the cultural spirit of Rakhi, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation among the school community.

The Head of the Telugu Department Jampala Ramesh, along with other teachers, played an active role in organizing this event. The school management appreciated all the teachers, staff and students who took up responsivities in organizing this event in very grand and flamboyant way. Eventually, this event not only celebrated the bond between siblings but also reinforced the sense of community within our school. It was a delightful occasion that left lasting memories and a sense of connectedness among all participants.

Compiled by G Krishna Rao (Teacher of English)

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77th Independence Day was Celebrated with Great Enthusiasm

15/08/2023, Tue

@Goaplpur, Hanumakonda #Greenwood High School

77th Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at Greenwood High School. On this day the sense of happiness and pride could be clearly seen on the faces of all the people.

The program started with prayer by welcoming the Chief Guest, Principal, followed by garlanding portraits of freedom fighters. To commemorate the sovereignty of our Nation, the Chief Guest and the school Principal unfurled the tricolor flag and all in unison sang the National Anthem and expressed the joy of our freedom.

A parade was organized after that, different types of programs were presented by the students.

The Chief guest Mr. Prabhu Kumar and the principal Ms.Kavita Chawla appreciated students by giving certificates to the winners of solo singing, drawing competition and essay writing.

Both gave a very motivational and patriotic speech which is a pathfinder to enlighten the future of the students.

At the end sweets were distributed to the students. Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place for Indians to live and experience the freedom, peace, and Unity in Diversity.

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Spirit of Independence Comes Alive at Greenwood

15-Aug-2023, Tue

@Erragattugutta, Hasanparthy (Main Branch) #Greenwood High School

76 years of glorious hard-earned Independence has come alive with all the pomp and gaiety at the Greenwood Grounds on the occasion of its 77th anniversary; the 15 August 2023.

The whole campus is overwhelmed with the memories of all the great leaders of our struggle for independence.

It is no exaggeration if one says that Tri-Colour filled the skies of Greenwood Campus.

Elaborate preparations have been made for this auspicious day by the students and their mentors under the supervisory guidance of Our Director Sir, Sri. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, both the Academic and Administrative Principals, V.V.V. Naveen Kumar and T. Pavan Kumar.

The celebrations began with the ceremonial welcome of the dignitaries of the school with a wonderful display of Guard of Honour by the NCC Cadets and the other students. The Directors of the school Sri Challa Dharma Reddy and Sri Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu, Sri. Alapati Prabhu Kumar, the General manager, Sri Yellappa Naidu, father of Sri G. Bharadwaja Naidu, Principal VVV Naveen Kumar and Vice Principal V. Suresh Kumar are among those who received the Guard of Honour.

All the dignitaries offered floral tributes to all the great leaders of our Freedom Struggle and broke the coconuts as an auspicious symbol in their honour.

Sri. Challa Dharma Reddy, the Director and present MLA of Parkal Constituency hoisted the National Flag. He spoke on the occasion reminding the young Greenwoodians of their responsibilities towards their parents and Nation, to develop friendly relationship among themselves, to be kind and polite and be the torch bearers of future generations.

Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu advised the children to be responsible towards their education. He reminded the students of the growing world of competition and advised one and all to prepare themselves to enter the glorious fields in their lives with confidence and ease. He also said about the role of a student in the development of nation.

Sri VVV Naveen Kumar reiterated the need for focusing on the learning and the time management.

However, the soulful words came out from Sri. Girrem Yellappa Naidu. Each and every word spoken by him found its way into the young hearts assembled. His was indeed a spirited speech. 

Later on, Prizes were distributed to the winners in Drawing/Painting Competition and Elocution competition held in the school on the occasion of Independence Day. Good Handwriting Award, Leadership Award, Most Helpful Student Award, Student of the Month Awards for the Month of July were given to the students. Certificates and Prizes were given to the winners.

Mr. J. Ramesh, HOD of Telugu Department and Mr. B. Sandeep from Social Science Department gave speech on this occasion. Some students also gave wonderful speech on the great sacrifices of our freedom fighters.

The decoration for Independence Day Celebration has begun right at the entrance of our school. A vibrant display of the national flag and decorations in the colors of our country started right from the gates. The entrance has been adorned with flowers, banners, and streamers, creating an atmosphere of national pride and enthusiasm.

Inside the classrooms, students have put their creativity to work. Each classroom has been transformed into a mini gallery of patriotism. The walls are embellished with handmade flags, historical quotes, and art pieces that reflect the essence of freedom and unity.

In the school ground where our official Independence Day ceremony has taken place, the stage has been adorned with a grand backdrop of the national flag, and the podium has been set for our esteemed speakers. The Entire school premises has exuded an air of anticipation and excitement, a testament to our dedication to honor this significant day.

All these are the result of creativity and artistic efficiency of our art and craft department teachers Ms. Banaja Sahoo and Mr. Santhosh Rao who encouraged all the art and craft student members to do their best in making whole campus very vibrant with their decorations and the work of art. The decorations and preparations for this year’s Independence Day have been a true labor of love. Every effort, every decoration, and every performance is a tribute to our nation’s journey towards freedom and progress. Each act has been prepared with dedication and enthusiasm, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and the fervor of our nation.

But our celebration is not limited to decorations alone. Our students have prepared an array of cultural displays showcasing the diversity of our country. From traditional dances to folk music performances, these displays remind us of the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our nation.

To kick off our celebration, our talented students presented a series of dance performances that depicted various aspects of our nation’s history and cultural diversity. Through graceful movements and vibrant costumes, they transported us back in time and across regions, showcasing the unity in diversity that defines our country.

The melodious strains of patriotic songs filled the air as our choir and solo singers took the stage. These songs, echoing the sentiments of love for our nation, served as a reminder of the struggles and sacrifices made by countless individuals to secure our freedom. Their voices undoubtedly evoked emotions of pride and unity.

Next, we have a spectacular display of discipline and precision – the Dumbbell Drill trained by Mr. Harish (PET). Our students, through synchronized movements and the manipulation of dumbbells, demonstrated the dedication and training that our armed forces undertake. This performance is a salute to their commitment and the protection they provide to our nation.

It has been masterfully showcased the spirit of ‘Lezim’ through the synchronized movements and energetic performance with the coaching of Mr. Sai Kumar (PET). The dedication of the students to preserving our cultural heritage and their seamless coordination on stage has been a true delight to behold, reminding us of the power of unity and tradition.

Some students showcased incredible display of strength, balance, and coordination by taking the stage to create stunning human pyramids and amazed all by their teamwork and dedication.

Kolatam, a traditional folk dance, took center stage. This performance symbolizes the harmony and togetherness that transcends regional differences. As the dancers moved in rhythm, they reflected the beauty of unity that is the hallmark of our nation’s progress. The Pyramid Formations and Kolatam have been well trained by Mr. Pradeep Reddy and Aravind (PETs).

Mono action by L. Geethika as Rani Rudrama is a heart touching act on the day which filled the hearts of students with emotion.

Mr. Raghu (PET) arranged Guard of Honour with our National Cadet Corps (NCC). Some other NCC students proudly took the stage with a parade that exuded discipline and respect. Through their synchronized movements and immaculate uniforms, they showcased the values of leadership, unity, and service to the nation. This parade was a reflection of the potential within our youth to shape a brighter tomorrow. The performances witnessed are a testament to the talent, dedication, and fervor of our students and the staff NCC ANO Mr. S. Radha Krishnan and Mr. M.Ramakrishna who are behind them to back them up in every nook and corner and every way.

Under the guidance and mentorship of Mr. G Krishna Rao, English Faculty, A. Abhilasha and R. Alekhya of class X had the privilege to anchor this memorable event. Both of them put together a well-structured and engaging script that captured the essence of our nation’s freedom and unity.

In retrospect, celebrating this Independence Day has been an honor and a fulfilling experience for all the students and the staff. All expressed their deepest gratitude to Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu for his guidance and support, without which this event would not have been possible.

On a final note, Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu and Sri. Challa Dharma Reddy, the directors of the Greenwood Group of Schools, appreciated all the students and staff who have carried out their duties successfully and made the Independence Day Celebration a grand success.


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Independence Day Celebrations @Greenwood Mancherial

15/08/2023, Tue

@Mancherial #Greenwood High School

Greenwood High School celebrated Independence Day with great enthusiasm and fervor. The event was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including the Chief Guest Mr. Aakarssh Naidu, who was accompanied by Principals Mr. Chandramohan, Mr. Ayub, and ACO Mrs. Fareeda Somani. The dignitaries began the proceedings by offering flowers to honor our national leaders, paying homage to their sacrifices.

The highlight of the event was the flag hoisting ceremony, led by Chief Guest Mr. Aakarsh Naidu As the tricolor 🇮🇳🇮🇳soared high, the entire gathering united to sing the national anthem with pride and unity.

Speeches were delivered by the Chief Guest Mr. Aakarsh Naidu, Mr. Chandramohan, and Mr. Ayub, reflecting on the significance of Independence Day and the importance of preserving the values and ideals for which our nation stands.

The cultural segment of the celebrations showcased the rich diversity of Greenwood High School. The event began with a mesmerizing classical welcome dance that set the tone for the festivities. Students from various grades showcased their talents through speeches, dance performances, and a fancy dress competition that displayed the creativity of the pre-primary kids.

The stage lit up with the energetic dance performance by 1st-grade kids and patriotic songs rendered by talented students like Ruzula, Deekshitha, and Srinithya and their groups. Additionally, a drawing competition was held, focusing on depicting national movement events. The winners of the competition were honored with certificates and medals.

One of the highlights was the breathtaking dance performance by the secondary boys, which left the audience awestruck with their skill and dedication. The grand finale was a tribute to the historic Dandi March, which was brought to life through a wonderful presentation, encapsulating the spirit of the freedom struggle.

The Independence Day celebrations at Greenwood High School were indeed a grand success, serving as a reminder of the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and inspiring the young generation to cherish and uphold the values of our nation.

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Instilling the art & craft skills among students

@Erragattugutta #Greenwood High School

The art department of our Greenwood High School believes that every student should have the right to have personalised support to reach the limits of their capability.

Talented students in art require increased stretch and challenge in the classroom, and the opportunities to further their talents outside school. Therefore, our Art Department aims at all students to be potentially talented and to show the following skills:

  • Think and express themselves in creative, original ways.
  • Have a strong desire to create in a visual form as they are driven by ideas, imagination, humour or personal experience.
  • Show a passionate interest in the world of art and design
  • Use materials, tools and techniques skillfully and learn new approaches easily and they are keen to extend their technical abilities and sometimes get frustrated when other skills do not develop at the same time

Our Students are identified as gifted for a variety of reasons:

##They perform at an advanced National Curriculum level

 ##Their outcomes are of exceptional quality

 ##They show excellent skills in a specific area

Our student M. Amruth Sai, (Class-10, Aryabhata),  S/o Surender, has been the student of Greenwood since his 6 th class and a Greenwood Art Club Member as well. He is one of the best instances for exhibiting his distinguished skills in the Art & Craft. He has produced many art works in his Art & Craft clasess.

The Management of Greenwood High School is always ready to encourage the talent of the students.  So, our beloved Director Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu garu, General manager A. Prabhu Kumar garu, Academic Principal V.V.V. Naveen Kumar, Administrative Principal T. Pavan Kumar garu and Art & craft Teacher Banaja Sahoo appreciated the Art & Craft Department for instilling the Artistic skills among the students. And they also appreciated all the students who are exhibiting their Artistic skills being the Art Club Members.  

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A Fantastic Day in the Annals of Greenwood @Erragattugutta

@Erragattugutta ##Greenwood High School

Computer Education and Artificial Intelligence have become a part and parcel of everyday life these days. To face the present demands, cope up with the inevitable future demands and with a view to prepare the children for the future, Greenwood’s Computer Lab has been renovated with latest systems and other infrastructure.

Today this renovated Computer Lab, our CYBER HUB, has been formerly declared open by our beloved Director, Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu and dedicated to the students.

This occasion is graced by Sri. A. Prabhu Kumar Sir, General Manager, Greenwood Group Schools, Our Academic Principal, Sri. VVV Naveen Kumar and our Administrative Principal, T Pavan Kumar.

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Head Boy & Head Girl Election, 2023-24 @ Greenwood Erragattugutta

Greenwood High School @Erragattugutta

It has been a practice, well within the recommendations of the CBSE, to conduct the election for the positions of the Head Boy and Head Girl the top student hierarchy among the students of Greenwood.

The very objective of these election is to give an opportunity to the students to gain the first-hand experience of the fundamental system of democracy.

Like all the previous years, this academic year; 2023-2024, has also witnessed this noble experience of the students.

The role and importance of elections in the democracy was reiterated by our Director

Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu in the amphitheater of our campus in the evening of 02 July 2023.

The schedule of the election for the head Boy and head Girl was announced by our beloved Director Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu during the prayer meeting on 03 July 2023. The Schedule for the procedure of this election was announced on the same day. The team of officials responsible conducting this election freely and fairly was also announced.

As many as 24 boy students from the class 10 have submitted their nominations for the position of the Head Boy and as many as 13 girl students from the class 10 have submitted their nominations for the position of the Head Girl.

All these nominations were scrutinized and counter checked by a panel of teachers. After this scrutiny and counter check the nominations of 6 boys and 6 girls have been accepted. Eventually only two boys and two girls have stood for the election as the other candidates have withdrawn their nominations. 

Soon, the final list of candidates for election was announced and these candidates were introduced to all the students by the Principal on 05 July 2023 during the Prayer Meeting. The election symbols were also allotted. These candidates then interacted with the students from the same platform and staked their claim effectively.

And, yes! The canvasing started with colourful posters and pocket symbol labels. All the candidates met the voters in the dormitories and in the corridors in the free time. All the candidates with their supporters were allowed to visit the classrooms for requesting for the votes.

The election campaign ended in the evening hours of 10 July 2023. All the election fervor then reached a state of silence of expectations.

The Big Day; 11 July 2023, the day of election has brought the excitement and hopes back into the faces of all the students. As many as 5 polling booths were arranged with a team of as many as five polling officials of different cadre and two polling booth agents one each from the supporters of the candidates. Boys and girls have separate polling booths.

The polling began at 09.30 in the morning. All the polling booths were secured by the NCC cadets of our School under the eagle eyes of a team of three observers chosen from the administration and teachers.

The polling was very well organized and went on very peacefully till 03.00 p.m.

All dignitaries from the management and administration, teachers and the support staff exercised their voting right.

The Members of the Election Commission and Election Officials

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New Beginning for the New Academic Year 2023-24

Dear Students and Parents,

Finally, the much awaited Monsoon has hit our region and brought a respite from the scorching sun. Around the same time, new academic year has begun too. It’s time for parents and students to get back to that demanding routine, after a month long summer vacation.

Beginning of the academic year presents new challenges, I understand, but also new opportunities, I say.

For the students, it’s an opportunity to start a fresh, leaving behind the last year and last year experiences and set new goals, academic or personal, for the forth coming year. Of course, review, an honest and sincere one, of the last year performance and achievements to take confidence and get going on is always advisable.

When one prepare a plan for the next academic year, keeping the lessons learnt last year in mind and planning not to repeat the mistakes are better be ensured. Remember, each academic year takes you closer to realizing your career and life goals. Wise are those who would see the larger picture and build themselves for the future.

It’s easy to build a wall brick by brick over a period of time than to build it over night.  Likewise, those who build them every year, grow competent enough to deal with any situation and emerge as winners from adverse situations too. So, realize that new academic year is new opportunity to grow and build for that desired future.

For parents, this time of the year is a troublesome period as students who are used to holidays don’t readily change their routine and cooperate. Motivating them to go to school, do homework and complete their assignments on time would be challenging, I reckon. But, it is also of paramount important to follow up with students until they get used to. It’s best if parents can reach out to the school and teachers to discuss the academic plans of the year and encourage the child follow accordingly.

For higher classes, particularly for Class X students, guiding the students to prepare a plan of approach and daily schedule and keeping them motivated to follow the same diligently works wonderful.

I extend my warmest best wishes to everyone for the upcoming academic year.

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