The Prize Distribution Ceremony @ Greenwood, Hasanparthy: A Celebration of Triumphs and Talents of our Scholastic Stars

8 Jan 2024

On the auspicious day of 8 January 2024, Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy, resonated with applause and cheer as the Prize Distribution Ceremony was organized during a special assembly. The ceremony was a grand celebration, honoring the young achievers from classes 4th to 10th who excelled in various scholastic and co-scholastic competitions.

The event commenced with the welcoming our esteemed chief guest and the guests, Academic Principal Sri. V.V.V. Naveen Kumar, Administrative Principal Sri. T. Pavan Kumar, and Vice-principal Sri. V. Suresh Kumar. The highlight of the ceremony was the presence of the Honourable Director of Greenwood Group of Schools, Sri. Dr. G Bharadwaja Naidu, who graced the occasion as the chief guest, bestowing the awards upon the young achievers.

The ceremony recognized the winners of the ‘Maths Surprise Test 10’ and ‘English Spell Combat – 3. The ‘Math Quiz Competition’, held in celebration of Mathematics Day, and the Quiz Competition saw some of the brightest minds of our school battle it out with their knowledge.

Additionally, the ‘Summative Assessment – 1 Toppers’, ‘Basket Ball Match’ conducted by Skill Stork High School and the participants of the ‘CBSE Cluster Games and Athletics’ held in various places, State Level Chess Tournament conducted by SGF Telangana and All India Rock Climbing Training conducted by 15 Madhya Pradesh NCC Battalion at Gwalior, were lauded for their outstanding performances.

The event was a significant milestone, where students and teachers came together to applaud the relentless efforts and achievements of our young scholars. Each winner was called upon the stage to receive their well-deserved accolades amidst the roaring applause from their peers and the proud smiles of their teachers.

The awardees, with beaming faces, ascended the stage to receive their certificates, prizes, badges and so on. The ceremony also included a special photo session with the chief guest and other dignitaries, capturing these memorable moments for posterity. Here’s an overview of the key lists of the prize winners competition wise:

Maths Surprise Test 10: Held on 30 December 2023, this surprise test challenged our students’ mathematical prowess and quick thinking. It was a test not just of knowledge, but of the ability to apply that knowledge under unexpected conditions. The winners demonstrated exceptional skills and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

1. K. Poojasri                                  

2. D. Yeshwitha                     

3. M. Shravan   

1. K. Yashwith  –  Graham Bell     

2. N. Rishi Varma – James Watt     

3. M. Rithwik – James Watt  

1. A. Harshini  – Pasteur        

2. Tirtha  – Aristotle      

3. J. Sri Harshith – Pasteur

1. G. Devender  – Jenner      

2. E. Harshini  – Hippocrates

3. K. Srihitha  – Raman  

1. E. Pranathi  – Satish Dhawan

2. A. Vineel Chandra   – Kalam

3. S. Dheeraj  – Thomson  

1. B. Thirumal Reddy   – Vikram Sarabhai

2. P. Vaishnavi   – Satish Dhawan

3. J. Siddarth   – Vikram Sarabhai

English Spell Combat – 3: Conducted on 30 December 2023, this combat was a thrilling display of linguistic talent among the 4th to 9th graders. It emphasized the importance of spelling in communication and showcased our students’ mastery over the English language.

1. Ch. Manaswith  – Pasteur

2. P. Ram Rithwik  – Pasteur

3. S. Vamsi Krishna  – Pasteur

4. M. Praveer – Pasteur

5. J. Praveenya – Aristotle

6. N.  Sanvi – Aristotle

7. D. Shravya – Aristotle

8. Tirtha – Aristotle

9. Snithika – Aristotle

10. D. Rithwik Tej – Aristotle

11. E. Satyanand – Aristotle

12. V. Harsha – Aristotle

13. K. Ruthwik – Darwin

14. S. Sai Kruthik – Darwin

15. I. Ajay Kumar – Darwin

1. G. Akash – Hippocrates

2. N. Sai Vidhyakar  – Hippocrates

3. E. Rishik  – Hippocrates

4. J. Jeevava  – Hippocrates

5. G. Devender  – Jenner

6. N. Muni Prasad – Jenner

7. K. Avanthika – Raman

8. A. Vineesha – Raman

9. P. Srivarsha – Raman

10. N. Jairam  – Swaminathan

11. A. Mithun – Tesla

12. T. Maniteja – Tesla  

1. R. Rishi Kumar – Thomson

2. Heer Jhadi – Dalton

3. K. Arjun Reddy – Rutherford

4. Ch. Lekhana –  Satish Dhawan

5. D. Karthik  –  Satish Dhawan

6. B. Aravind  –  Satish Dhawan

7. D.Pranay Paul – Satish Dhawan

8. G.Pranay Reddy – Satish Dhawan

9. Ch.Varun – Satish Dhawan

10. G.Akhil – Satish Dhawan

11. A.Aryan Patel – Satish Dhawan

12. E.Hruthwik – Satish Dhawan

13. G.Thanvith – Satish Dhawan

14. M.Sathwik – Satish Dhawan

15. Ch.Sahiti – Satish Dhawan

16. B.Sneha Sree – Satish Dhawan

17. K.Teja Hasini – Satish Dhawan

18. Shraddha Singh – Satish Dhawan

19.K. Sri Gayatri – Satish Dhawan

20. Tanuja Salgar – Satish Dhawan

21. A.Varshini – Curie    

22. L.Siri – Curie

23. B.Srivalli – Curie

24. L.Jayavyshnavi – Curie 

25. R.Suchith Reddy – Kalam

26. B.Akshaya – Kalam

27. L.Tanishka – Kalam  

28.A.Sai Sahasra – Kalam

1. V. Goutham – Archimedes

2. M. Yuva Raj – Noble

3. E. Shiva-Satish – Dhawan

4. S. Srinidhi – Satish Dhawan

5. G. Archana – Satish Dhawan

6. J. Architha – Satish Dhawan

7. P. Vaishnavi – Satish Dhawan

8. A. Hrithish Reddy – Satish Dhawan

9. K. Siri – Kalam

10. T. Siddhartha Goud – Vikram Sarabhai

11. J. Siddhartha – Vikram Sarabhai

12. R. Karthik – Vikram Sarabhai

13. B. Vignesh Karthik – Vikram Sarabhai

14. M. Ashwith Goud – Vikram Sarabhai

15. M. Emmanuel – Vikram Sarabhai

16. J. Suprathik – Vikram Sarabhai

17. R. Varun Sandesh – Vikram Sarabhai

18. G. Dheeresh Kumar – Vikram Sarabhai

19. A. Sunny Yadav – Vikram Sarabhai

20. K. Karthik – Vikram Sarabhai

21. G. Aishwarya – Sushrutha

22. N. Tejaswini –Sushrutha

Math Quiz Competition: Celebrated on Mathematics Day, this competition was a testament to the analytical and problem-solving skills of our students. It highlighted the fun and engaging side of mathematics, encouraging students to explore its practical applications.

1. M. Deepak – X

2. K. Shruthish Reddy – X

3. S. Parthiv—X

4. B. Arun—X

5. M. Ramcharan—IX

6. A. Sushanth—IX

7. S. Haneeshma Rao—IX

8. S. Vyomakesh—IX

1. N. Karthik—X

2. Ch. Aapthika—X

3. M. Sunsaara Singh—X

4. P. Abhinav Sharma—X

5. E. Lekhya—IX

6. M. Bhargav  Rao—IX

7. T. Siddhartha—IX

8. V. Darwin—IX

1. G. Hima Vamshi Reddy—VIII

2. L. Jaya Vyshnavi—VIII

3. V. Vyshnavi—VIII

4. M. Sathwik—VIII

5. G. Akash—VII

6. N. Sai Vidyakar—VII

7. P. Anudeep—VI

8. M. Lavith—VI


1. K. Sri Gayathri—VIII

2. K. Ankith Reddy—VIII

3. N. Ojaswith—VIII

4. A. Varshini—VIII

5. S. Thaman—VIII

6. P. Jaya Chander—VII

7. D. Sravya—VI

8. P. Ram Rithik—VI

Quiz Competition: This competition brought out the best in our students’ understanding of social sciences, their awareness of current affairs, and their ability to connect historical events with contemporary issues.

1. P. Abhinav Sharma – X

2. P. Ritesh – X

3. Om Kondra – X

4. K. Sathwik – X

1. K. Shruthish Reddy – X

2. S. Parthiv – X

3. A. Sampreeth Reddy – IX

4. M. Sai Charan – IX

Summative Assessment – 1: Toppers: Acknowledging academic excellence, the Summative Assessment – 1 Toppers were celebrated for their consistent performance and dedication to their studies throughout the year. The Toppers were awarded “Award of Excellence” medals and cheques for an amount of Rs.500/-.

The Inter-school Basketball Tournament, hosted by Skill Stork School in Hanumakonda on the 20th and 21st of December, 2023, was a showcase of youthful energy and sportsmanship. Teams from various schools competed with zeal, but it was the students of Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy, who emerged victorious, securing the first prize. Mr. Ch.Sai Vardhan bagged the Best Player award.

CBSE Cluster Games and Athletics: Our students displayed sports manship and competitive spirit in the CBSE Cluster Games and Athletics. Their achievements are a reflection of their perseverance and commitment to sports.

Volley Ball from 13th October to 16 October, 2023 at Hyderabad, Telangana.

Hand Ball from 26th to 30thOctober, 2023 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Basket Ball from 14th to 16th October, 2023 at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

Athletics from 25th to 28th October, 2023 at Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.

The 76th SGF Telangana State Chess Tournament, organized by the School Federation of India, was a prestigious event held on the 20th and 21st of December, 2023. It brought together some of the sharpest young minds from across the state to compete in the timeless game of strategy and skill. Our students participated with great enthusiasm and determination. While they may not have secured the top positions, their participation in such a competitive event is commendable.

1. T. Sai Rakshitha – X Bhatnagar

2. K. Akhilesh – IX Vikram Sarabhai

3. E. Karunya – X Satish Dhawan

The All-India Rock-Climbing Training Camp SD and JD, held under the auspices of the 15 Madhya Pradesh NCC Battalion and NCC Group Headquarters in Gwalior, was an exhilarating event from 15th to 26th November 2023. It was a platform for young adventurers to learn and hone their rock-climbing skills. Among the participants was Gudla Harshith, a spirited student from the 9th grade of Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy. His participation in this challenging camp earned him not only valuable experience but also a camp certificate and badge.

We extend our heartiest congratulations to all the winners and participants for their dedication and hard work. Their achievements are a testament to the school’s commitment to excellence in education and holistic development. We look forward to nurturing and celebrating many more such talents in the future.

The grand Prize Distribution Ceremony, was not just a celebration of achievements but also a real booster that inspired our students to pursue their educational journey with renewed vigor and zeal.

It was a day to remember, where the pursuit of excellence was celebrated across various disciplines, shining a light on the promising future awaiting our bright young minds. The event underscored the school’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering an environment where academic and extracurricular excellence is recognized and rewarded. As we honored the winners, we also set a benchmark for aspiring scholars, encouraging them to reach for the stars with determination and confidence.

Here’s to the spirit of learning and the joy of achieving!

Report by: G Krishna Rao (Teacher of English)

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