Independence Day Celebrated @abhyaas the global school

15/08/2023, Tue

@Bhimavaram, AP #Abhyaas The Global School

Independence Day is the time when Indians remember and honour the freedom fighters and their sacrifices.

India became a free land on August 15, 1947, and was relieved from the reigns of 200-old British rule. This day is significant as India began its independent journey away from the laborious British rule and became a democratic sovereign nation.

On this day, the Tri-colour is hoisted across the nation, at homes, and commercial locations and the national anthem is recited.

We at Abhyaas the global school have celebrated this august occasion with great pomp and splendor. Dr. Shiva Shankar Adavaraju, a leading orthopedic in Bhimavaram town, has graciously agreed to grace the occasion as the Chief Guest.

The celebration began with Mrs Prabha singing a special prayer song followed by the National Song.

The honorable chief guest unfurled the tri-colour and reviewed the march past. Both the Principal and the Chief Guest spoke on the occasion giving necessary guidelines to the youth.

Little Abhyaasians, gaily dressed up in resemblance to our great freedom fighters lined up the dais.

Three bewitching girls from Grades V and II have captured the hearts with their performance by dancing to the tune of ‘Yetthara Janda’

Girls of Grade X kept us tapping our feet as they danced gaily to the tune of Mash Up song.

Girls of Grade IX and X danced gracefully saying Desam Manade.

Four boys of Grade X performed a trick with four chairs, mesmerizing the audience by balancing themselves without any support.

Yoga is a practice that connects the body, breath and mind. Nimble boys of Grade VI gave a graceful performance of yogasanas showcasing their supple bodies.

Energetic boys and girls of Grades 4, 6 and 7 displayed their perfect motor skills with their dumbbells.

The human pyramid formation requires strategy and planning with a bit of trial and error. It helps the team members to bond and develop teamwork skills to adapt to situations as they happen.  The highlight of the day was the human pyramid performance by boys of Grades XI and X.

Siddharth Varma of Grade X, Dinesh of Grade IX and Eekshitha of Grade VIII gave speeches in English, Hindi and Telugu respectively, stating the importance of the occasion.

Girls of Grades X and XI sang patriotic songs in English, Hindi and Telugu.

The event ended officially with the vote of thanks.

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