Health & Wellness-Eye Check-Up @ Greenwood Erragattugutta

19/08/2023, SAT

#Greenwood High School, @Erragattugutta (Main-Branch)

On Saturday (August 19th) and on Sunday (August 20th) Greenwood High School, Erragattugutta organized a two-day eye check-up camp with a focus on the children’s health and well being as a part of Health and Wellness Program.

Students, teachers, support staff and other stakeholders of the institution got their eyes examined by a team of ophthalmologists arranged by Mr. Iqbal, Vision Care.

A computer controlled automated refractor was used to examine the eyes.

Slips describing the condition of each person’s vision were given to those who had their eyes examined.

Children were also taught about the best practices for eye safety and foods that support eye health.

“Eyes are precious, guard them with care.”

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